Why You ‘Get Higher’ from Cannabis Edibles

If you’ve ever consumed a cannabis edible in the past, then you’re likely aware of the fact that they seem to affect you much more intensely than smoking a bowl or hitting a dab rig. While every form of cannabis consumption has its up sides as well as down sides, edibles are the one most likely to catch both newbies and seasoned consumers off guard.

Your Body Processes THC Different when You Eat It

First off – to understand why cannabis edibles affect you differently, you need to understand how THC works. Normally, when smoking or vaping, THC is inhaled and carried through the bloodstream. When you eat an edible, the THC is processed much slower through the digestive system.

When the THC is metabolized by your liver it is then released as 11-hydroxy-THC – which is a much more potent version of the same cannabinoid. Therefore, it takes so much longer for it to kick in – but then the buzz is more intense once it hits you.

Edibles are a Waiting Game, Exercise Patience and Caution

The most important thing to remember when eating cannabis infused foods, candies or drinks is that it’s always going to be a waiting game. Since it will take 30-minutes to an hour before your body starts to breakdown the THC into that more potent 11-hydroxy-THC, you need to be patient. Otherwise, you’re likely to overdo it.

There’s a reason that states like Colorado and Washington encourage a “start slow and low” mindset, especially for newcomers to the cannabis world. Starting with a lower dose of THC and waiting to see how it affects you before eating more is always going to be better than eating too much from the start.

Understand Dosage Before You Eat Any Edible

Speaking of dosages, understanding how THC dosage in edibles works is essential to not overdoing it from the start. Many edibles are now being sold in lower dosages – 10-30 milligrams rather than 100 or more per edible. Read labels completely to know whether you should eat the whole thing, or if you’re better off breaking off half or a third of something to start.

For newbies who are either inexperienced or completely new to consuming cannabis it is recommended to start with anywhere from 5-15 milligrams. For a regular smoker, you can probably get away with 10-30 milligrams – and most people will find themselves extremely uncomfortable if they eat more than that in one sitting.

If you’re looking to try edibles for the first time, be careful and remember to be cautious – start with a little, wait an hour. If you’re still not feeling it, then and only then should you eat more. Don’t assume it’s not working – give your body a chance to process the THC and you’ll have an enjoyable experience with edibles.

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