Where’s Weed – High on the 4th of July: Hosting a Cannabis Party

“The grill is out and the summer sun is scorching down. That can only mean one thing – the 4th of July is right around the corner. Independence Day is typically thought of as a holiday synonymous with beer, hot dogs, and fireworks, but cannabis is quickly becoming a mainstay of the summer celebration.

Whether you’re firing up the BBQ or lighting off fireworks, a hefty helping of weed is the perfect way to compliment your 4th of July festivities. And if you’re getting together with friends, a weed-themed party fits right in with a celebration of freedom.

So if you’re thinking about throwing a weed party to celebrate the fourth, keep reading. We’ve got tips, tricks, and suggestions for weed party decorations, cheap weed party favors, and everything else you need to turn your backyard into the perfect holiday smoke session. …”

Read the full article at Where’s Weed.

Image via Mountain High Suckers. 

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