WeedWeek – Cannabis Accessories: 16 Must-Have Smoking Accessories

“For those who love marijuana and all the lifestyle benefits it can provide, it can be fun to accessorize. There are a multitude of cannabis accessories for every style of smoking, whether you prefer vaporizing, smoking, or eating your weed. Cannabis accessories can also help keep your passion for weed discrete, which can come in handy wherever marijuana is unfortunately less socially acceptable.

Below is a list of 16 cannabis accessories you may want to consider incorporating into your weed routine.

1. Cannabis Accessories: Ashtrays

An ashtray is standard equipment for anyone who likes smoking marijuana in the form of joints, hash, and pipes, but doesn’t want ash covering your coffee table or discarded cherries burning holes through your sofa cushions. The classic glass ashtray can be found in smoking sections of restaurants around the world, or you can select from a wide range of novelty ashtrays to add an extra creative flair to your coffee table.

2. Cannabis Accessories: Bongs

The advantage to bongs is their ability to lower the temperature of smoke before it hits your lungs, helping avoid the scorched-earth feeling that joints can leave in your throat. A bong is composed of a water-filled chamber – hence their nickname “water pipes” – a long neck for inhalation, and a filter-lined bowl in which marijuana products like flowers and hash are placed. While smoking a bong isn’t necessarily healthier for your lungs than other forms of smoking, it can be a more comfortable experience.

3. Cannabis Accessories: Eye drops

Eye drops are generally a saline-based solution used to relieve dry, itchy or red eyes. Consuming marijuana can cause reddened eyes because the cannabinoid THC lowers blood pressure in the human body, causing capillaries and blood vessels to dilate. This dilation results in increased blood flow, which gives eyes the appearance of redness. You can find certain brands of eye drops that are specifically formulated to treat red eyes due to weed consumption. …”

Read the full list at WeedWeek. And check out the Elyon Marketplace for your Must-Have Accessories. 

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