Way of Leaf – 5 Cannabis Thanksgiving Recipes

“Can you believe that the holidays are here already?! It’s time for Thanksgiving, and you may already be fretting over what culinary creations to bring to the table this year.

If you’re celebrating with friends or have a liberal family, then it might be ‘high’ time – excuse the pun – to whip up some cannabis dishes.

People now realize that cannabis edibles don’t have to be boring brownies; they can be full meals of festive dishes to serve at parties and gatherings. And what better time to try your hand at cooking with cannabis than the holidays?

There are tons of delicious Thanksgiving recipes that you can infuse with marijuana. Today, we are bringing you five of the best cannabis-infused holiday recipes we can think of. Our list includes a marijuana-infused roast turkey, two side dishes, and two desserts. It’s the ultimate list, in our opinion.

Before you get cooking, there are some basics that you need to know. …”

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