Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk Is the Latest Celeb Athlete To Embrace CBD

Without any formal league or regulations barring cannabis, professional skateboarders have carried the torch when it comes to cannabis collaborations and sponsorship.


A new pro athlete is joining the horde of celebrities jumping on the CBD bandwagon to end the cannabis stigma and ditch pharmaceutical painkillers. But when it comes to cannabidiol endorsements, the latest famous face flies a little higher than the rest – just as long as there’s a halfpipe nearby.

That’s because the latest CBD affirmation comes from skateboading’s biggest name – Tony Hawk. 

“We’re excited to be a part of this new movement that is becoming more recognized as a healthy alternative to recovering from the aches and pains that we regularly incur in the action sports world,” Hawk said in a press release announcing a new hemp-infused skin balm in collaboration with his skateboard brand, Birdhouse.

Over the past couple years, athletes from across the sporting landscape have reported huge benefits from CBD treatment as a recovery and rehabilitation tool for both physical and mental ailments. In skateboarding, which operates for the most part without any formal league or regulatory oversight, professionals have set trends with cannabis and CBD industry sponsorships that have quickly grown to other niche sports and retired athletes from major leagues like the NBA and NFL.

For Hawk, who has spoken openly about his brief experimentation with marijuana over his multi-decade skate career, CBD is a way to stave off old age and speed up recovery time from brutal slams. The Birdman has been flying high since the late 1970’s, and is still far from retirement. In fact, just last year Tony filmed a 50-trick video part to celebrate his 50th birthday.

“I’ve never been much into sports/health/recovery products – perhaps to a fault – but I’ve been using this for the last six months and it has truly helped me to keep skating at top form (for a pro skater that’s old AF), especially after a recent significant ankle injury,” Hawk wrote in an Instagram post announcing the Birdhouse CBD Calm. “It might not be your thing but it works for me.”



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