Toking Tinsel: Elyon’s Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas present for your spouse or a seventh Hanukkah gift for your aunt, giving is in the air. With legalization comes the spurring creation of more cannabis accessories than ever before.  From hi-tech smart rigs to perfectly simple one-hitters and everything in between, there are weed-themed options for everyone on your list.

Thankfully, we’ve spent the past few months trying every bong and grinder under the sun to find the best of the best in the ancillary cannabis market. So if you’re revving up your credit card and cashing out this holiday season, we’ve got the perfect list of pot-focused products at every price point to pair with your stocking stuffed stash of Elyon flower, concentrates, and vape cartridges

Heir Waterpipe

When it comes to water pipes, basic bong design has remained largely unchanged. Sure, there are plenty of heady artists blowing $30,000 dab rigs that fit in better in galleries than coffee tables, but for the regular smoker looking for a solid, long-lasting glass piece that will look good on your living room mantle and hit like a champ, options are often limited.

Thankfully, that’s where the Heir comes in. Made out of thick glass, ceramic and heavy metal accents, the Heir is a design-focused modularized bong that meets all of our needs in both function and fashion. The Heir looks more like a flower vase or old school seltzer water bottle than a traditional water pipe, but when lit, the gorgeous piece of glassware rips like a champ. And because the piece is easy to assemble and take apart with a few turns of the mouthpiece, the Heir is the easiest bong to clean that we’ve ever come across. If someone on your list is looking for a high end bong that will stand out from the crowd and pack a wallop at the same time, the Heir is a perfect present. 

Buy the Heir for $220 in three different colors here.

Cloudious9 – Tectonic9 Automatic Dispensing Grinder

Over the past few years, the automatic grinder has become a sort of holy grail for weed nerds looking to redesign the wheel. But no matter how cool battery-operated bud shredders look in promo videos, most self-dispensing grinders are more gimmick than godsend. The Tectonic9 by Cloudious9 changes all that.

At first glance, the Tectonic mulcher looks like a standard 3 or 4 piece grinder with a clear window in the collection chamber. But with the slide of a metal tab and the flip of a magnetic funnel hinged to the bottom of the device, and assistance from battery operated vibration, the grinder becomes an easy to use bud dispenser. You still have to grind the bud yourself, but the hi-tech additions allow for easy bowl filling, joint distribution and cone packing that competitors have only promised.

You can buy the Tectonic9 grinder for $59.99 and find a selection of Cloudious9’s high funtioning dry herb vaporizers here.

Silver Stick One Hitter

Just because you’ve got a collection of glassware and wholesale quantities of Raws in your smoke den, doesn’t mean everyone has the same level of experience. And with hundreds of thousands of older Americans now revisiting cannabis or getting into ganja for the first time, there is still a place for the good old fashioned one hitter.

But in the day and age of designer dank, a corner store faux cigarette pipe is a thing of the pack. Instead, help grandma and grandpa get back into the weed game with the help of Silver Stick. The sleek, two piece pipe sets itself apart from traditional one hitters with the addition of small disposable filters made to fit between the mouthpiece and the bowl. The extra filtration makes for a smoother hit, and eliminates mouthfuls of ash that are all too common with regular one hit pipes.

To make the Silver Stick experience even more elegant, the mini pipes are sold in a variety of custom designed leather wallets and carry cases that come packed with a pipe, a poking tool, a pack of filters, an airtight container for your herbs and a heavy duty lighter cover for a standard Bic. For a new smoker or an old timer relighting an old flame, the Silver Stick is the perfect new school update to an old school classic.

You can find the Silver Stick one hitter and leather carrying cases for anywhere from $25-$65 here.

Dr. Dabber Switch Smart Rig

In the concentrate scene, the last couple years have been marked by an arms race to create the perfect smart rig. As extracts evolve as a product type, dabs are reaching cannabis customers who aren’t comfortable firing up a blowtorch everytime they want to taste terps. In place of banger nails and butane, perfectly heated electronic smart rigs have emerged as the leading product category for high-minded concentrate aficionados.

But while much of the e-dab conversation has centered around the slick and small PuffCo Peak, our favorite smart rig is the slightly larger but similarly priced Dr. Dabber Switch. Thanks to a first-of-its kind induction heating system, the Switch is able to heat up a ceramic bucket in about 2 seconds, giving you the perfect dab in less time than it would take to fill your torch. And thanks to a super-heated self-cleaning mode, the Switch will clear any residual oil off your nail without the need for an extra large order of q-tips. The Switch has 25 heat settings to satisfy even the most stringent temperature stickler and fits a separately sold quartz induction cup for serious dabbers. 

The Dr. Dabber rig also comes with a flower mode for vaping your bud, but after using the dab setting for a few days, we forgot the flower portion even existed. If you or your loved ones are ready to pull the trigger on a smart rig to finally join the concentrate bandwagon, the Switch should be at the top of your list.

You can kick start your dabbing experience into the 21st century with the Dr. Dabber Switch for $399.95 here.

Sackville & Co: Luxury Grinders, Stash Cases and Clothing

If you’re a heavy smoker like us, you’ve probably got a few friends who are hard to shop for. No matter what the latest strain, gadget, or accessory is, they’ve had it for months and have already placed a pre-order for next year’s model. But even professional stoners can’t deny the appeal of simple, stylish design. Canadian accessories company Sackville & Co. achieves just that with their no-nonsense line of colored cones and rolling papers, gold grinders and pre-roll stash tubes, and limited edition clothing. The luxurious bud-crushers come in a variety of sizes, but all offer an expert grind in an eye-catching gilded package to match brightly colored cones that will stick out at any sesh.

And for the cannabis fan that already has a closet full of Elyon hoodies and t-shirts, Sackville offers a dope crewneck sweater that’s a favorite for fall.

Peruse a full selection of Sackville & Co. grinders, stash cases, and clothing here.

Cannabolish Room Fresheners

Let’s face it, not everyone likes the smell of weed. And if you live with cannabis teetotalers, or answer to a strict landlord, resident advisor, or any number of cannabis hostile cohabitors, a lingering skunky stench can be a dead giveaway to your ganja use. To get rid of those argument starting aromas, Cannabolish sells plant-based room sprays and candles specifically designed to eliminate cannabis odors from indoor spaces. The best part? It really works. 

So, if you have a smoking buddy with strict roommates or a significant other that can’t stand the smell of haze, leave your Febreeze, dryer sheets and paper towel tubes in laundry room and help them refresh their smoking den in style.

Buy a Cannabolish gift set complete with a room freshening candle and two room sprays for $29.99 here.

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