The Elyon Farm

Tucked away in an idyllic corner of the Russian River Valley amidst rows of vineyards sits the main Elyon farm. It’s unassuming at first, but inside, growing tall under the shade tents is a little bit of magic.


Breaking Down the Numbers

One of three owned and carefully tended by Elyon, the main farm was the first and has been around since the inception of the Elyon brand. Actually acquired in 2016, the farm has been cultivated by the owners before they even created Elyon. 

The farm is one acre with 40 loop houses, growing 27 strains. The loop houses contain two long beds with a capacity of up to 400 plants each. On average, only 320 are planted to allow for proper root growth and to preserve quality. To get the most high, you need the highest quality.


Countdown to Croptober

Blessed with the beautiful Sonoma County weather, the planting begins in mid-March and continues through October, aka Croptober. On average, the growing cycle from clone to flower is two months, allowing for two harvests. 

What makes Sonoma County so ideal for growing? In a word: microclimates. In several more words, the county has pockets of land that have more moderate temperatures and cooling influences from the coast. The main Elyon farm in the Russian River Valley is one such pocket. A marine layer rolls into the Valley overnight, often bringing fog with it, creating a large diurnal shift. This big swing in temperature from day to night helps create a more balanced terpene profile and stronger aromatics.


Throwing Down Shade

The farm can still occasionally see some pretty dramatic temperature spikes. To mitigate temperatures when necessary, shade cloth is used to ensure there is no terpene degradation (which can occur at temperatures over 85 degrees). The shade cloths can decrease the temperatures in the loop houses anywhere from four to ten degrees and help moderate solar radiation.


From Our Hands to Yours

All plants are hand-harvested in the early hours of the morning to ensure the best quality bud, avoiding high temperatures and too much humidity. The farm team is always conscious of fog and avoids harvesting in too much moisture. 

Drying is done on site until it can be transferred safely to Elyon’s processing facility. We’re proud to be able to grow, package and distribute our product to ensure you’re getting the best bud and the highest of highs.


Tango with the Bango

Want to know where your cannabis is coming from? Keep an eye out for new stickers on the Elyon packaging. If you see Bango Distribution Farm, you know it’s coming from the main Elyon farm and the spectacular Russian River Valley.

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