The Broccoli Report – Move Over, Monstera: Weed’s Trending Shift From Illicit to Aesthetic

“Even before COVID shut us all indoors, house plants have become a booming direct-to-consumer market in the past few years. Then, quarantine brought out the nature-starved botanist in all of us, and sales of house plants and seeds skyrocketed. House plants seem to be the new house pet.

The newest addition to home gardens and apartment window sills? Cannabis. 

For the first time, mainstream consumers outside of the thick of the cannabis industry are dabbling in growing weed. That’s because it no longer means a half-acre outdoor grow or a hydroponic set-up in a spare bedroom. Grow kits like the one from Dynasty Grow cater to the cultivation-curious with everything a first-timer would need—pots, dirt, pretty lights and spritzer bottles—and new companies like OpBox include a sturdy constructed grow box to contain aroma as well. Gardening companies outside the dedicated cannabis space are getting in on the action, too—Gardener’s Supply has dedicated sections on its website and catalog for growing “hemp and medicinal herbs.” Right now, it’s up to consumers to visit legal dispensaries for cannabis plant starts and seeds for THC-producing plants, but with the ability to mail hemp seeds less sketchily, we see a lot of potential for DIY hemp-at-home grow kits to be a certified thing sooner than later. …”

Read the full article by Lauren Yoshiko at The Broccoli Report

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