Terpene Tuesday: Valencene

It’s Terpene Tuesday, the sun is out and we’re feeling citrusy so let’s explore valencene, a sesquiterpene full or orange aromatics. 

When Life Gives You Oranges

Although it emits a full range of citrus fragrances (orange, tangerine, grapefruit), valencene is most commonly found in Valencia oranges. Hence the name. Not to be considered one note, the terpene also has undertones of mango and herb. It lends its citrusy flavors to cannabis and is a common flavor additive used across the food industry, even olive oils. So you can smoke your terpene and eat it too. 

Like many terpenes, valencene is a great insect repellent, specifically potent against ticks and mosquitoes. It’s also been found to protect against photoaging (premature aging of the skin) due to ultraviolet rays from the sun. Therefore it can be used as an ingredient in sunblock. 

An Orange A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

In addition to keeping sun spots and bugs at bay, valencene has numerous other potential health benefits. Research is ongoing  but it has been found to be anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy. 

Valencene is found in Myrica rubra, also known as Chinese bayberry – a tree native to eastern Asia that produces an edible fruit and is often used for medicinal herbs. A recent study using the essential oil of Myrica rubra found that valencene in particular was helpful for boosting the effects of the cancer drug doxorubicin, a drug that helps inhibit cell growth. Take that cancer! 

Call My Agent

Are you ready to not be shocked? Cannabis strains that are full of citrus scents are often high in valencene. Like the following:

  • Agent Orange
  • Sour Diesel
  • Tangie
  • ACDC
The Strain of the Summer

Insect repellent, sunscreen and juicy citrus scents? Valencene is perfect for summertime smoking so seek out strains high in it and light up on those long summer nights. 


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