Terpene Tuesday: The Entourage Effect

It’s our favorite day of the week: Terpene Tuesday! Today we’re taking a step back and instead of exploring an individual terpene, we’re taking a look at how they work and play together. We’ve already briefly explored the “entourage effect.” Spoiler alert for that article, it’s real. So let’s take a more in-depth look at what terpenes can do when they work in tandem with each other, and with different cannabinoids. 

Let’s Hug It Out, Bitch

Sorry, couldn’t resist an Entourage joke. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s recap what the entourage effect actually is. It’s a theory that the different compounds in cannabis – primarily the different cannabinoids and terpenes – work in harmony with each other to create different therapeutic and mental effects. You’ll see the word “synergy” thrown around a lot. But thankfully not in a boring boardroom type way. 

While much more research needs to be done (just like with everything cannabis related), it has basically been proven a true theory time and time again. The entourage effect was coined by a group of scientists back in 1998 and studied heavily again in 2011 by Dr. Ethan Russo. While certain cannabinoids or terpenes can be beneficial when isolated, most often their effects can be amplified or create different reactions when combined with others. 

Examples, Please

So we just used the word “amplify” but we can just as easily use the term “negate” or perhaps “counterbalance” is best. This is the case when limonene is coupled with THC. The stereotypical stoner image is often depicted as forgetful. Well, THC does impact your short-term memory. Strains high in limonene, however, can help counterbalance memory loss. Working in tandem with limonene, THC has different effects than when alone. Boom, entourage effect. 

You’ve probably heard that CBD is good for anxiety. Realistically, everyone and their grandma has heard this by now. While many products use CBD-isolate, or just CBD, it’s not necessarily better alone. Coupled with limonene and linalool, the anxiety-reducing effects of CBD can be compounded. Boom, entourage effect. 

CBD skin care can be hit or miss. But generally those that know their entourage effect are in the hit category. CBD is helpful in combating oily skin. Combine this with terpenes that are also known for their skin-clearing abilities (limonene, linalool or pinene) and you’ll be left glowing and acne-free. Boom, entourage effect. 

Entourage Assemble 

I wish I could say the list goes on. You can see at least a few more here.  But way more research needs to be done on how the entourage effect works and what compounds react with each other and how that plays out in your body. Until then, we’re happy to do some “research” and provide some anecdotal evidence of our own. 


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