Quick Hits from the Elyon Team (September Edition) 

A quick glimpse at what some of the Elyon team has been consuming this month – everything from culture, cannabis, munchies and more. 

Ready Set Vote

“Call me a nerd, but I got excited to receive my Sonoma County Consolidated General Election County Voter Information Guide in the mail this past week.   I will be spending my free time between now and November 3rd reading the details of each of the paid candidate statements for national, state and local offices, as well as all of the different Propositions or Local Ballot Measures.  I have voted in every single election that I was able to since I turned 18 many years ago.  For me, voting is not just my right, but my duty as a citizen to participate in the process of selecting our government officials and approving or rejecting various proposed laws or ballot measures.  After the past few years of chaotic, divisive federal government, I have never been more eager to vote than I am for this upcoming election.  On November 3rd I will cast my ballot in support of the things I value, and against a dangerous threat to the principles of democracy, and the fundamentals of human rights and civil rights.” – Lori, Elyon compliance specialist

Fall Tripping

“I love a good road trip. A road trip in the middle of Covid, however, is not so fun. You can’t stop at any quirky diners, no middle-of-nowhere brewery detours, minimal exploring of historic downtowns. The one thing you can do? Watch the world around you go by. When that world is endless corn fields, it can get a bit repetitive (although, still beautiful in its own way). But I recently made my way from California to Connecticut and do you know what made the drive worth it? That first fiery red tree in a sea of otherwise green. I’m talking about leaf peeping at its New England finest. I’m of the mindset that it’s not entirely fair to my road trip partner to make him do all the driving while I get high in the passenger seat. But now that I’ve reached my destination, you can be sure I’m lighting up, sitting back and watching the fall colors literally fall all around me. Now I just need to find some cider donuts to munchie on.” – Jacqueline, Elyon blogger

Cannabis Carts

“I don’t drink but I think bar carts are so cute. So when I saw Bess Byers’ bud cart featured in Mary Magazine inspiration struck! I needed to create my very own cannabis cart. All my pieces were spread around, taking up room on my shelves. With the cart, I was able to organize them and arrange them into a cute display. It’s a combination of bongs, pipes, vintage lighters, vintage ashtrays and more. It’s beautiful.” Natalie, Elyon social media (PS – You can read more about Natalie’s incredible cart and see a collection of photos of how she arranged it on her blog.

Elyon Mocktails

“I hate to admit it, but I’ve been drinking a lot since Covid hit. I feel it’s been a collective consumption and not just me, but I definitely need to slow down. Enter Elyon Mocktails. The Lemon Headz simple syrup I made recently was incredible for rum-soaked danquiris but is equally delicious sans alcohol. My recommendation? An ounce and a half of simple syrup, a full can of Pamplemousse Lacroix and lime to taste. For me, that was a full lime–sliced and muddled to counterbalance the sweetness of the simple syrup. Serve over ice and voila! It still has the feel of drinking a cocktail so you can enjoy the ritual of happy hour or pairing your drink with dinner…without any booze. But with the added benefit of slowly getting you high. Win win.” – Jacqueline


“I have recently been getting into bonsai thanks to an introduction from a very close friend of mine. It is something that has always interested me but remained on the fringe of my mind. I am drawn to growing all things, but the art of bonsai is something special. It requires special care and consideration of every part of a single plant, and the immense patience to know that the work you are doing may not pay off for years in the future. I love doing it because it opens up for me a new perspective of observing and admiring the world around me. Half of bonsai is growing the plant and the other half is the artistic formation and design of the tree. By practicing bonsai I’ve gained an eye for how different plants grow in nature, or how I can manipulate them. As a farmer I could get lost in the amount of plants I have. Bonsai also helps me take a step back and be able to focus in on individual plants, or observe the subtle differences of the many cultivars we grow on the farm.

For me, something about sitting down with a plant and observing every bit of it until some creative inspiration comes to me about how I want the plant to look years from now is exciting. It is something that makes it really easy for me to get into a flow state and zen out, especially after smoking. It is very relaxing, and I find the most peace when I do work like this.

I am still pretty new to this, so as of now I only have a very small oak tree, a eucalyptus tree, and two schefflera arboricola, one is a triple trunk style bonsai and the other is a clump style. I also have some cherry seeds I hope to sprout next spring and start a cherry tree. That is a project that will probably take almost a decade before the tree starts looking truly bonsai’d. I want a cherry tree for the beautiful blossoms it will produce. I like the varieties of trees that produce something cool or beautiful like that at certain times of the year. In the future I would love to have a nice collection of flower and fruit producing trees.” – Bradley, Elyon ranch manager

Garden Therapy

“It dawned on me this weekend as we were harvesting our grown-from-clone Modified Grape and Sunset Sherbert just how much happier and more peaceful our lives have been since my husband and I took up cultivating our own medical cannabis to deal with chronic pain and other minor health issues.  The daily grind we used to have of “work, work, recover” has been replaced by a “garden, work, enjoy life” routine.   My husband, Rob, used to be an unbearable grump after his long work day and commute home before we started gardening for ourselves and our health.  Now it seems like our stresses are being absorbed by the garden air, or perhaps simply being wafted away in the swirling smoke of our daily flower selection.  For me, I am just grateful to have medicine that allows me to moderate my chronic pain and live a happier, healthier life.  We try to have a balanced selection of daytime sativa dominant, uplifting pain relieving strains such as Panama Jack, Orange Creamsicle and Lemonade; and, our indica dominant more relaxing evening and night time strains such as Peanut Butter Breath.  The one thing I have learned after growing our own medical cannabis for the past five years is that regardless of what we grow, we are always happy to try other cultivators flowers in our perpetual hunt for the “perfect” strain all the while knowing that the hunt for the perfect strain is an ephemeral thing that is always changing.” – Lori

Sundae Drives and Sci-Fi 

“My first instinct when I get high is definitely not reaching for a book. I’m more of a Netflix and munchie kind of girl. But I have to say, “Nightfall and Other Short Stories” by Isaac Asimov is probably the perfect stoner read. First, as the title indicates, it’s a book of short stories. No need for a long attention span or remembering a hundred characters in this book. Second, it’s science fiction from one of the genre’s best authors. The collection of stories is interesting, thought-provoking, funny and occasionally just weird. I loved it. I technically started this book in August, shortly after the perseid meteor shower and stretched it out until mid-September, shortly after waking up to what looked more like mars than Sonoma County (thanks to the wildfires). It was an apt time to read the book. Pair it with Sundae Driver, a strain that is both relaxing enough for reading but also uplifting enough that you’ll stay engaged. ” – Jacqueline 

My Cat Collection

“My daily routine is punctuated by my morning and evening feedings of “My Cat Collection” which ranges from 8-10 semi-feral cats which I have been caring for since the first starving, nursing mother kitten/cat showed up at my doorstep literally screaming for food.  She was emaciated, very ragged looking and obviously nursing.  “Sassy Cat” is what I called her because she was so sassy and insistent on needing to be fed.  Little did I know then about the cat journey that miss Sassy Cat was about to lead me on. Sassy’s first meal was promptly followed by her bringing two separate kitten litters to my house that were about two months apart in age, totaling 7 kittens.  I quickly discovered that your best help in Santa Rosa for dealing with feral or stray cats is “Forgotten Felines”, a non-profit organization that provides neuter/spay/veterinary care to each of the 7 kittens I have trapped since that first day Sassy Cat walked into my life. From the team at Forgotten Felines I learned that just 2 unfixed feral (M/F) cats can ultimately propagate out a cat family tree to the point of 11,000 cat population increase and realized then that it was up to me to help deal with controlling the size of my neighborhood cat colony.  I now have “My Cat Collection” that either resides around my house in the different cozy cat houses that I have set up for different weather conditions, or some cats simply come by when it gets close to feeding time.” – Lori

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