Quick Hits from the Elyon Team (August Edition) 

A quick glimpse at what some of the Elyon team has been consuming this month – everything from culture, cannabis, munchies and more. 

Tomatoes and Toking

Tomatoes aren’t the typical go-to munchie for probably anyone, definitely not me. But it’s tomato season and I have a backyard full of them so I’ve been getting more and more creative in how I consume them. BLTs, for sure. Tomato sauce, check. Caprese, you betcha. But I’ve also branched out and done a burst tomato galette, tomato and cheese cobbler and grilled lamb with juicy tomatoes. Perhaps the best for the munchies? Tomato risotto – it tastes like a grown-up version of SpaghettiOs. – Jacqueline, Elyon Blogger

I’ve perfected my Pizza Napoletana. I have a very high heat grill. I know how to throw the dough and I cook it on the grill and it’s as good as Rosso or Ca’ Momi. There are very strict rules for what a neapolitan pizza is made of, there is an organization and you can be certified. Mine isn’t the very strictest recipe but I feel like my crust is coming out as good as any of these guys. My very first job was working in a pizza place and I learned how to throw the dough and that came back to me. That’s part of the reason you get a good bubbly crust. You’re stretching it out, not rolling it out. It helps keep the bubble structure inside. Roll joints, toss your pizza dough. – Adam, Elyon Art Director

Projecting Power

The only movie I’ve watched this month is Project Power but it was really good. It’s a Jamie Foxx movie on Netflix about this pill that gives you superpowers. You don’t know what your power will be until you take the pill. I liked it because Jamie Foxx refused to take the pill. He had it in his hand the whole time but thought it was too much power for one person…and he still whooped everyone’s ass. Speaking of ass whoopings, I also watched the Celtics sweep the Sixers. Al Horford left and we still beat them. – Austin, Elyon Marketing Coordinator

I’ve been watching Blacklist. I just started a few days ago and I’m already on season two. It’s basically all I’ve been doing after work. I just moved here [to Sonoma County] so hopefully I’ll have more to report next month. – Kiera, Elyon Photographer (Welcome to Sonoma, Kiera!) 

And Other Delights

I’ve been listening a lot to the record Whipped Cream and Other Delights by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Band a lot. I got a few Herb Alpert records from my mother-in-law a few years ago but never really listened to them much. Then I heard Ladyfingers on a playlist called Lucid Dreaming (by Lord Huron on Spotify). I can’t believe the years I wasted not listening to Herb Alpert. I’ve also been smoking a lot of Elyon’s Chemdawg. Let me tell you, you will not be disappointed pairing the two. That trumpet will blow your mind. – Jacqueline

I’ve been listening to No Pressure by Logic on repeat. He’s from where I’m from so I can relate…the whole struggle of getting content out and being away from home. It’s been good for my mental state. He says a lot powerful, positive shit that I need to hear. – Austin

I like to listen to podcasts while I’m walking my dog. I’m always on the hunt for new podcasts to listen to (recs welcome!) but I’ve just started to search for some cannabis-related ones (seriously, I would love some recommendations). My first foray is Broccoli Talk and I love it. It’s hosted by Lauren Yoshiko and Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey. Both have a long history working in the cannabis industry and the podcast covers everything from the more technical aspects of cannabis to cannabis history to different aspects of culture and how cannabis fits in with them (think yoga, sex, even nail art…). I’ve only listened to the first handful of episodes so far but I love it. I’m particularly enchanted by Mennlay’s voice. It’s like cold water running over river rocks. Or something like that. Just listen and send more podcast recs my way! – Jacqueline 


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