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“Netflix’s Cooked with Cannabis recently debuted as the world stayed at home on 4/20. The show’s hosts, Hip Hop Artist and Chef, Kelis and marijuana chef Leather Storrs, have earned favorable reviews for their food insights, pot humor and ability to create a cooking show like Chopped cut with the laid back nature of marijuana.

Decider’s Joel Keller wrote that viewers should stream, not skip, the cannabis culinary show. In their review, Keller wrote, “Cooked With Cannabis shows that there are other ways to use the flavorful nature of pot than just baking it into brownies or making it into gummy bears. And if those meals make us both full and a little mellow, well, we want to learn how to make them.”

While Cooked with Cannabis earned a fair share of media attention, it remains to be seen if it is the first cannabis cooking show to last. As The Ringer noted in a recent article, iterations of cooking shows like Viceland’s Bong Appétit, Netflix’s previous effort, Cooking on High paved a bit of the way. That said, no show in the subgenre has lasted all that long.

Recent Progress for Cannabis Television

In terms of progress, it doesn’t matter if Cooked with Cannabis becomes the first transcendent cannabis cooking show. Best wishes to the show, but its appearance alone marks another milestone in cannabis media regardless of its success. The media milestones have accumulated so much in recent years that one could argue that cannabis’s normalization period may be just about over. Soon, it may just be a regular entity in public. …”

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