PotGuide – Cannabis-Friendly Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

“Halloween’s coming up, although at this point nearly everyone is getting tired of wearing masks everywhere they go. Since gathering with strangers at house parties or bars remains an enormous risk for catching or transmitting COVID-19, many people are choosing to stay inside this Halloween and watching some classic horror movies with their social pod.

If your party includes some edibles along with your fun-sized candy, or you’re ready to get your piece lit up like a Jack-O-Lantern, PotGuide’s here with some Cannabis-friendly horror movies to complete the Halloween mood.

The Guest

For anyone who’s a fan of 1980s John Carpenter, The Guest will be right up your alley. A mysterious young soldier arrives at a grieving family’s Southwest home, claiming to have served with their deceased son. From there, The Guest basically answers the question ‘What if you invited a cooler living Terminator being hunted by the government to stay with you for a while?’

The movie tiptoes to the edge of being ridiculous without ever losing its way and by the time the final scene ends you’ll be a couple bowls deep and cheering. Smoke something that gets you charged up and get ready for some fun.

Evil Dead 2

In Evil Dead 2, Ash and his girlfriend drive up to a cabin in the woods where they unknowingly release an evil presence that inhabits trees, people, stuffed deer heads, and lamps. One of the originals of the ‘cabin in the woods’ subgenre, as well as a classic of slapstick splatter horror, this cult classic should be on every stoner horror fan’s list. The dialogue and the acting aren’t Shakespeare, so find a strain or an edible that makes you ready to giggle or straight up laugh your head off.

By the time Ash has replaced his sentient disembodied hand with a chainsaw to fight the reanimated flying corpse of a WASP archaeologist’s grandma, you’ll be having the time of your life. If you’ve got the energy, be sure to double feature this one with the sequel Army Of Darkness, where Ash fights reanimated skeletons in the middle ages with his chainsaw arm, shotgun, and death car. …”

See the full list by Paul Barach at PotGuide.com. Don’t forget to check out our strain recommendation for watching horror movies!

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