Our Favorite Cannabis Podcasts

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to cannabis. There’s the technical side of growing. There’s the culture of cannabis. And then there’s non-cannabis talk that includes copious amounts of consuming cannabis. Podcasts feature all types of pot talk. And there are a lot of cannabis podcasts out there.  Here are a few of our favorites to get you started. 

Broccoli Talk

Lauren Yoshiko and Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey are the hosts of Broccoli Talk, a podcast by the dreamy Broccoli Magazine. The podcast features  a variety of topics and often features guests from different areas of the industry. Both Lauren and Mennlay have been in the industry for years and speak on everything from personal use, changes in the industry, cannabis equity and cultural appropriation as well as the creative side of cannabis with discussions covering everything from poetry to nail art. The podcast just celebrated its one year anniversary so you can pretty easily catch up on all the episodes or just start with the newest release. Podcasts are only as good as their hosts and these two were made for this medium. We’ve mentioned this before, but we’re especially fond of Mennlay’s soothing voice. Light up that broccoli and let her and Lauren lull you into a zen as they talk all things cannabis. 

Great Moments in Weed History

To understand a culture, you need to know its history. Cannabis culture is no exception. That’s why we love this podcast. It discusses important moments in cannabis history. But this isn’t some droll history class. Hosts Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock (Bean) are great storytellers that tell each tale with humor and awe. Each podcast focuses on a figure or event in cannabis history. They talk about Jesus, Louisa May Alcott, Willie Nelson and the inventors of pot brownies in different episodes. Want to know who earned the incredible nickname “The Man with the Righteous Bush?” Tune in to their episode about Louis Armstrong. 

Weed + Grub

Yes, they talk a lot about food on this podcast. But they also talk cannabis news, give industry insight and discuss general pop culture. It can get a bit raunchy and weird sometimes (we were definitely delighted to learn what “cornloading” was) but that’s what makes it so fun! The hosts are Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson. Mike is a comedian (you can tell), a writer and cook. Mary Jane was a writer and editor at High Times and continues to cover cannabis outside the podcast in several different outlets. It’s hard to find a podcast that talks sandwiches and sex with equal glee but this one definitely fits the bill. 

Getting Doug with High

Listening to this podcast feels like sitting with a room full of friends. Comedian Doug Benson (you’d recognize him from the documentary Super High Me) invites guests, often fellow comedians, to smoke with him. In addition to the usually two rotating guests he has several people that pop up on every show, hence the room full of friends. They talk about the cannabis they’re smoking and have recurring segments like Pot Topics where they discuss current cannabis news. Doug quizzes his friends on cannabis trivia and history but usually the conversation just flows like it would with a group of buddies.

Cannabis Coffee Hour

This podcast is pretty similar in theme to Getting Doug with High but comedian Rob Cantrell puts his own spin on things by discussing the coffee, or other beverage, he chooses to pair with his cannabis. Rob often has fellow comedians or other guests on the show but will also do the pod solo. He can get a bit rambling and the production quality isn’t quite as high as the other shows listed here, but Rob makes up for it with his laugh. It is the sound of a truly delighted stoner and it made us smile every single time he started laughing, which is a lot. Got to love a man that can laugh at his own jokes. 


What are your favorite cannabis podcasts? Let us know what we should listen to next! 


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