Netflix’s ‘Cooked with Cannabis’ – A Review (Ep. 3 & 4)

Our ‘Cooked with Cannabis’ reviews continue with Episodes 3 and 4. Need to catch up? Refresh yourself and your palate with our Episode 1 and 2 review.


Here Comes the Cannabis

Nobody likes wedding food. The chicken is always overcooked, the vegetables are most likely mushy and even the cake is rarely as good as it looks. But what if you add cannabis to the guest list? Or more specifically, the ingredient list? Netflix’s ‘Cooked with Cannabis’ tackles this theme in its third episode and the results are much more appealing than your typical wedding buffet. The dishes don’t stray too far from what you might actually eat at a wedding, but the addition of cannabis definitely takes the food, and the wedding party, to the next level. 

Want your meal to be a little more offbeat? Tune in to episode four: ‘Futurist Food.’


The Guest List

Is it some type of unspoken cooking show rule that you have to have at least one chef that screams “stress ball”? I understand you need to have some drama but I would prefer my cannabis cooking show without such a healthy dose of anxiety. Alas, episode three has Stacey and episode four has Brooke. I honestly had to hold my breath when Stacey was cutting tomatoes for the first course. But the rest of the chefs are pretty chill and the guest judges, apparently called the “best buds,” seem to be a little more comfortable with each other. 

Episode 3 Contestants:  Stacy Primack, 43, Seattle; Lauren Williams, 35, Washington DC; Coreen Carroll, 34, San Francisco

Episode 4 Contestants: Chris Yang, 30, Los Angeles; Heather Feher, 32, Los Angeles; Brooke Egger, 40, Coachella Valley


Would You Like the Chicken or the Mealworm?

Pea soup isn’t the most traditional wedding dish so it was pretty surprising that two out of three chefs decided to serve it for their appetizer in episode three. The most interesting thing about the first course, however, wasn’t the food (although Stacey’s Miso Tahini Tomatoes do intrigue me) – it was the dosing decisions. Each chef had pretty different ideas of how to pace the capped eight milligram dosage. Even though Leathers said he would do the same, conversation continued throughout the show on Coreen’s decision to start the meal with the full eight milligrams. All three main courses looked delicious but didn’t wow in thinking outside the menu. It doesn’t hurt to stick with a little tradition, especially where the cake is concerned. Coreen’s cake, with her use of a sugared cannabis leaf, looked like a mini wedding cake with the perfect canna twist. 

Tradition definitely wasn’t the name of the game for episode four. From the more recognized, but still atypical, “molecular gastronomy” to mealworm crackers, the future of food definitely doesn’t include your comfort munchies. No hot cheetos for you… unless they’re dusted in crickets. Somehow, however, both Chris and Heather make the future look bright and delicious. Brooke is the first contestant of the show to miss the mark on all three dishes. Guest judge Megan Gailey maybe summed it up best when talking about Brooke’s tomato aspic: “this is something my grandmother would eat when she couldn’t find her teeth.”

Best One-Liners

“The best part of my job is that I can always be high.” – contestant Coreen (Ep. 3)

“Oh, I’m so tickled!” – Leather, clearly ready to say “I do” to some wedding apps (Ep. 3) 

“I’m doing two things: I’m trying to have good food but I’m also trying to make sure I don’t have like a psychotic meltdown.” – guest judge El-P, on the importance of dosing 

“Her courses are like an actual wedding, all the stress in the beginning and just mellow you out after that” guest judge Michael Voltaggio, also on Coreen’s dosing decisions 

“She is legitimately peculiar.” – Leather, on contestant Heather (even before being served her mealworm crackers)

“I need more crackers.” – guest judge John Salley, who apparently also appreciated Heather’s strangeness

“I’m glad I have a driver.” – John Salley, champion of safe cannabis consumption


Final (and a few stray) Thoughts
  • I’m glad they went into the infusions a bit more. That seemed more behind-the-scenes- in the first two episodes so I’m happy they explained the processes a bit more in episodes three and four. 
  • Blue Dream should definitely be more bride’s “something blue” for their wedding.
  • Love Coreen’s honesty about what she wants to do with the money. You deserve that hot tub, girl. 
  • Although controversial, Coreen’s decision to start the meal with the full THC dose allowed for a lot of great conversation around other cannabis uses like THCa and its uses. 
  • Chris’s main dish in episode four looked great but it seemed like a missed opportunity to use hickory smoke instead of weed smoke like Amanda did in episode one
  • Once again, I’m so impressed with how genuinely happy they are to win. Heather may have been a little out there but her crying over her win was definitely cute. 
  • The true winner is Kelis’ wardrobe. Her subtly matching her outfits to the theme is better than any wedded bliss. 


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