Merry Jane – Sneak-a-Toke: MERRY JANE’s Official Guide to Discreetly Getting High on Thanksgiving

Not spending Thanksgiving in a 420-friendly environment? Don’t trip, we’ve got you. Here’s our guide to discreetly getting high this holiday.
Family time isn’t always relaxing. Even if you have healthy relationships with your blood relatives, gathering on holidays can be draining. Not to mention that we’re living in a politically electrified time in the throes of a pandemic. Combine that with holiday heaviness? Forget it, man. Everyone should just cut the bullshit and get stoned.But, what are you supposed to do when your family doesn’t get down on that good-good? Or, maybe this is the first Thanksgiving you’re spending without your family, and your living situation isn’t 420-friendly. Regardless of the situation, there are plenty of reasons why one might need to get high on the DL this Turkey Day.Just know that we support you. In fact, we endorse the discreet consumption of cannabis this holiday. Here’s why: Smoking weed is a political statement. Whether you realize it or not, you’re exercising your right to be an autonomous human. You’re also giving a cloudy middle finger to the Drug War, and thus, the government. And, while the majority of Americans favor the legalization of cannabis, that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is thrilled to be in the presence of stanky skunk.

Just avoid the drama altogether and try one of these discreet ways to get high. It’ll save you from having to explain yourself, and you can use that extra time by shoving your face with pumpkin pie — that’s what we’ll be doing, at least. …”

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