Merry Jane: 10 World-Famous Historical Figures Who Loved Weed

Today’s cannabis industry gets a lot of love from celebrities and even some politicians, but since the beginning of recorded history, many of the world’s most famous figures have gotten lit.

Pharaoh Ramesses II: High as the Sphinx. Lording over ancient Egypt from 1279 to 1213 BCE, Pharaoh Ramesses II is so revered for his wisdom and leadership that Egyptians, to this day, call him “the Great Ancestor.” Ramesses the Great also valued weed so much he took some with him to the grave.

Joan of Arc: Baked at the Stake. In 1412, sainted mystic and battlefield conqueror Joan d’Arc was born into a peasant village known for using cannabis and other psychoactive healing herbs. At 15, Joan reported receiving divine messages that instructed her to get Charles VII crowned the King of France by leading his forces into war against the British. Armor-clad and amped up enough to communicate with angels, Joan did just that and became a national hero.

William Shakespeare: The Bard of Bud. Based solely on A Midsummer Night’s Dream — with its fairies, imps, and donkey-head spells — playwright William Shakespeare seems a likely candidate to have consulted with cannabis for inspiration. Many Shakespeare scholars have also pondered whether the Bard dropped hints about using weed throughout his other works. “To blaze or not to blaze?” We think we know how Shakespeare himself would answer that question.

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