Cannabis and Schizophrenia

Mental Health: Cannabis and Schizophrenia

While we don’t know exactly what it is, there may be some link between cannabis and schizophrenia. This mental illness is characterized by social isolation, strange behavior, psychosis, and more. 

Many people have raised the question of whether or not cannabis use is linked with schizophrenia. In this article, we will break down this topic in complete detail. 

What Is The Link Between Cannabis and Schizophrenia?

In short, cannabis users are not necessarily on a one-way trip to receiving a schizophrenia diagnosis. However, cannabis and schizophrenia are not two things which go well together. If a schizophrenic patient uses cannabis it can actually make their symptoms worse.  

It is also worth noting that scientific studies have concluded that young cannabis users are more likely to get diagnosed with schizophrenia later on than those who didn’t try cannabis before becoming an adult. 

Can Cannabis Use Cause Schizophrenia?

We don’t understand what exactly causes schizophrenia. Although cannabis use has been connected with schizophrenic patients in the past, there is still no direct evidence that cannabis itself can cause schizophrenia. 

However, cannabis use can sometimes cause symptoms which resemble schizophrenia, such as psychosis. For this reason, many people have asserted that cannabis use can cause schizophrenia. 

Realistically, this same logic could be used to say that use of alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and so on, can lead to a schizophrenia diagnosis. Many who use cannabis also use these, so we can’t point the finger at one substance. 

Many scientists have dedicated their lives to discovering what causes schizophrenia.  Even the most seasoned experts in this industry don’t know if there is a link between cannabis and schizophrenia diagnoses. 

At most, we know that chronic marijuana users, especially those that are young, may experience side effects which resemble schizophrenia. It is still inconclusive whether or not cannabis itself can cause schizophrenia.

Why Some People Associate Cannabis Use With Schizophrenia

One of the unpleasant side effects of marijuana use is paranoia. In fact, around 50% of cannabis users experience this common side effect

Psychosis desribes a mental condition where a person has beliefs which aren’t connected with reality. Although not that common, psychosis can occur with excess THC doses and chronic use. This unpleasant experience often subsides within a few hours. However, people can also experience psychosis without ever using marijuana.

Tips for Using Cannabis as it Pertains to Schizophrenia

Although we are confident that marijuana use alone won’t cause schizophrenia, we still advocate safe cannabis use. Here are a few tips to mitigate the risk of experiencing psychosis associated with cannabis.

Check Your Family Medical History

People with a family history of schizophrenia are more likely to develop the illness themselves. Schizophrenia can be passed on through genetics. Because of this, it is recommended that anybody who has a family history of schizophrenia to avoid marijuana altogether. 

Don’t Use Marijuana While You Are Young

One of the best ways to use cannabis safely is to avoid it altogether while you are young. While your brain develops, it is best to avoid any sort of psychoactive substance. Not just marijuana. 

Only Use Cannabis in Moderation

The best advice you will hear with any sort of habit, not just cannabis use, is that there is a difference between use and abuse. Most people who use cannabis aren’t necessarily at risk of developing an addiction, but abuse can contribute to psychotic symptoms resemblant of schizophrenia. 

Whether it be cannabis, alcohol, coffee, or even fatty foods, a general rule of thumb to stick to in life is to use but not to abuse. However, this may not always be possible if you are a medical cannabis patient. In this case, just stick to your MED (minimum effective dose).

Take Proper Precautions if You Experience Bad Symptoms

Cannabis can often be mistaken as a miracle drug with no negative side effects. Surely, cannabis has lots of positive benefits, both mentally and physically. 

However, cannabis is a psychoactive substance which alters your consciousness. Not all of the possible mental symptoms you experience with marijuana are positive. 

If you encounter problems such as psychosis or paranoia, know that this can easily be avoided. CBD, as an example, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with tons of health benefits. 

Certain cannabis products only contain CBD as opposed to THC. There are also many different strains with a higher potency of CBD than THC. This is one of the best ways to receive all the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the potential for any undesirable mental side effects. 

When in Doubt, Visit Your Doctor

Cannabis is becoming more and more accepted within the medical community. After all, there are countless medical benefits that we can attribute to cannabis use!

But, if you encounter negative symptoms, or have questions or concerns about marijuana, it is best to go straight to a doctor who best understands your health.

Final Thoughts On Cannabis and Schizophrenia

Cannabis alone doesn’t cause schizophrenia. Although cannabis users may be more likely to experience schizophrenia-like symptoms such as paranoia and psychosis, there are many other potential factors that come into play. 

If you follow our tips outlined above for safe cannabis use, you can likely enjoy everything this plant has to offer with minimal adverse effects. However, as always, talk to a doctor first.

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