Majority of White Evangelical Christians Now Support Cannabis Legalization

The country’s most conservative voter base is finally ready to embrace legalization.

America’s so-called moral majority is finally coming to terms with the country’s changing opinions on cannabis, with a new poll indicating that most white evangelical Christians now support marijuana legalization.

According to the Christian Post, the new data comes from right-wing bastion Fox News, and found that 53% of self-identified evangelical whites were on board with adult-use legalization. On a whole, recent data suggests that nearly 70% of all Americans are ready to flip the switch on federal cannabis legalization, and with a majority of the country’s most socially conservative voters now on board with legal weed, it appears that nationwide cannabis reform is closer than ever previously thought.

The new data was collected over three days in early December, and questioned more than 1,000 registered voters, covering subjects from climate change and cannabis to their support of Donald Trump. 

And while a majority of white evangelicals surveyed said that they would support a southern border wall and said that they would likely vote for Trump in 2020, the historically conservative voter set was also swayed by a number of liberal policy plans. In addition to majority support for marijuana legalization, 58% of respondents said they would like to see Medicare expansion. 

Unfortunately, those bipartisan views – including cannabis legalization – don’t carry over to most white evangelical leaders in the White House and on Capitol Hill. Despite overwhelming support for cannabis legalization in America on a wide scale, federal authorities have done little to realize those requests.

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