International Highlife: AVB – What Can you Do With Already Vaped Bud?

“Every person who vapes has faced this dilemma before: What do you do with all that wasted product? If you vape pure flower on the daily, it quickly adds up to grams and grams of garbage. But is it really garbage? You aren’t the only one who has wondered if there is anything productive you can do with already vaped bud.

Until now you might have just tossed it into the ashtray, even though it wasn’t ash. If you cared about the planet, maybe you composted it. But that was probably the extent of it. After all, by vaping, you assumed you sucked out all the valuable compounds. The leftover nug would be void of anything delicious or intoxicating… right?

What if we told you, you should save that nug! Sure you can toss it, but there are always ways to squeeze out the very last bit of medicinal value from it. Reusing already vaped bud is a lot like rolling your roaches into a big-recycled-blunt. The difference is that it tastes much better, and is probably better on your lungs.

What Is Already Vaped Bud (AVB)

First things first, what is already vaped bud, or AVB? This is the waste product left over from your dry herb vaporizer. It doesn’t matter if you use a tabletop variety like the Volcano or a handheld version like the PAX dry herb vaporizer, each session leaves a waste product. The fresh herb you put into the device – once vaped – is completely sucked dry of medicinal value. Or so you thought. But we’ll get to that momentarily. …”

Read the full article by Jessica McKeil at International Highlife. 

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