International Highlife – 5 Genius Ways to Get High Using Household Items

“Most people don’t know this, but in 1898, when Marie Curie discovered Radium, she was actually in her lab trying to get high, but she was out of papers and started improvising. “Books” will tell you this is false, but there’s no way to deny that while a lot of people (cops) like to say that marijuana will kill your motivation, few things can hold a candle to a stoner at home with a bag of weed, and zero papers, no blunts, bong or pipe, and no convenient store open anywhere nearby. Forget everything you heard about MacGyver (done!) – a stoner that has to get high with household items is where true innovation lies.

If you are at home without any traditional smoking means, here are a few tried and true methods you can use to make your own Improvised Smoking Device (ISD).


If you grew up in a house with parents who brought fruit, even vegetables, then you’ve probably had easy access to this classic ISD method and may have even tried it a time or two.

The apple method works great because it’s so simple. All you need is an apple and a pen or chopstick (and weed, obviously), and you’re just a couple steps away from a fruity high.

Find a fresh apple, and ideally from a crunchy, crispier variety – which will have better structural integrity. Take a knife and remove the stem, making sure you get all of it. Take the pen and bore a hole through the top of the apple where the stem was, pushing downward at a slight angle until you get about halfway down the apple. Then make a second hold close to the bottom of the apple and push the pen through the hole until it connects with the first hole you made.

Next, find a spot towards the top of the apple near where the stem was, and where it will be convenient to place your finger. Make a hole there that connects to the main hole; this will serve as your carb.

Finally, carve around the top hole until you have a good-sized divot which will serve as the bowl. Try to use a single, fairly large bud so that it won’t fall down the hole.

Put your finger on the carb, spark the bowl, and breathe in. You have now consumed one of your USDA recommended five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day. …”

Read the full list by Ben Hartman at International Highlife

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