International Highlife – 10 Simple Tricks: How To Hide The Smell of Weed

“How to hide the smell of weed is every stoner’s dilemma. Whether you are trying to smoke in a smoke-free hotel room or sneaking a puff in your basement, we’ve all had this experience at least once. Not only does fresh bud have a pungent aroma that seems to permeate everything, but the smoke lingers too! Figuring out how to hide the smell of weed is a lifelong challenge.

But, instead of spending the rest of your life figuring out how to hide the smell of weed, follow these ten tricks. These tips are based on decades of super-stoner experience. There are high-tech options, low-tech craft projects, and general tips for any stoner. 

Don’t waste any more energy worrying about that nug smell any longer. The following tricks and tips have you covered.

1. Go for a Walk (Smoke Outside)

If it’s an option, the fastest way to reduce the smell of weed is to take your smoke session outside. Staying inside confines the smoke to a single room, and it doesn’t disperse into the atmosphere. Smoking outside, on the other hand, lets the smoke naturally drift away. And, if it’s windy — even better!

Even if you are lighting up in your car or in a room with windows, it’s well worth opening all the windows you can. The more airflow you can get around yourself and the smelly joint, the less burnt particulate matter settles on your hair and clothes. With your window down (or propped open), the smoke quickly dissipates into the air, not on your clothing.

2. Stash Your Weed Properly

If you are hiding your love of weed from friends, family, or hotel cleaning staff, the first step is always proper storage. Marijuana contains terpenes, which are highly volatile essential oils. Exposure to oxygen, heat, or even light causes their immediate evaporation. In a plastic baggy, cigar box, or pocket, improper storage means these pungent compounds permeate the air. 

To reduce the smell of a super-dank nug, you have to store it in an airtight container. Although you may think otherwise, plastic baggies are technically permeable. Therefore glass, metal or ceramic is best. …”

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