Hightivities: Video Games

Everyone handles their high a bit differently. Some like to veg out on the couch, others like to take advantage of the increased creativity and produce art and still others like to engage in more physical activities. 

However you choose to ride your high, we want you to get the best experience possible. Selecting the right cannabis strain to pair with your anticipated activity can make a huge difference. Enter Elyon and our new Hightivities segment. Read on for recommondations for activities and what strain(s) to consume to get the most out of them. 

Let’s A Go

Whether you are pretending to be a mushroom racing against a plumber and a princess on top of a rainbow or racing to kill as many post-apocalyptic zombies as you can, it doesn’t hurt to have a little creative enhancement when playing video games. In fact, stoner culture and gaming culture have gone hand in hand for years. And no, it’s not just because they’re both wrongly perceived as shacking up in their parents’ basements all day (although, no judgements if that’s what you do…). Smoking weed just makes video games better. It’s not technically scientifically proven, but there are many reasons why the two activities play so well together. 

Really want to feel like you’re wearing a green tunic and cap while solving puzzles through the land of Hyrule? No cosplay is necessary. Just a little cannabis. Smoking can help immerse you in the game by enhancing your creativity, relaxing your mood, suspending your sense of time and sharpening your focus. Gryphons and dragons don’t exist but worldbuilding with weed makes everything feel possible. 

Level Up

To really lose yourself in the game, you’ll want a strain that calms you down but keeps you alert. Our pick? Dolato. This cross between Gelato and Do-Si-Dos is indica dominant (70/30) and gives you a super relaxed high without being too sedative. Dolato induces euphoria but also focus, perfect for gaming the night away. The strain is high in both linalool and limonene, terpenes known for mood-boosting and anti-anxiety effects. Your fingers and your mind will be nimble but you won’t stress when you lose your last life. 

Game Over

No matter what type of game you like to play, cannabis will always take you to the next level. The music will sound better, your avatar will look realer and you can lose yourself in the game.

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