Hightivities: Bathtime

Everyone handles their high a bit differently. Some like to veg out on the couch, others like to take advantage of the increased creativity and produce art and still others like to engage in more physical activities. 

However you choose to ride your high, we want you to get the best experience possible. Selecting the right cannabis strain to pair with your anticipated activity can make a huge difference. Enter Elyon and our new Hightivities segment. Read on for recommondations for activities and what strain(s) to consume to get the most out of them. 

Rub a Dub Dab

Taking a bath can be the ultimate self care. Light some candles, fill up the tub with some warm water, add some bubbles or bath salts, sit back and relax. You can read a book, listen to music, watch your favorite tv show or just choose to spend an hour in quiet serenity. Our recommendation to take this bliss to full treat yo’ self levels? Add cannabis to your self care routine. Whether you choose to get baked in the bath or right before you slip into the tub, you’ll reach peak zen when getting high at bathtime. 

Here Comes the Bath

Given that they are both body and mind relaxants, cannabis and bathtime go hand in hand. So it’s hard to go wrong with your strain selection when pairing the two. You could choose your strain to match scents with your bubble bath. Have a lavender scented mix? Grab a strain with lots of linalool. Inclined towards more citrus notes in your bubbles? Grab a limonene-dominant strain. For us, it’s less about matching aromas and more about choosing a strain that will give us the most relaxing high – both body and mind. With that in mind, our bathtime go-to is Wedding Pie. An indica dominant hybrid, Wedding Pie is a sweet-tasting cross between Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. The strain is high in caryophyllene which is known to relieve stress and has anti-inflammatory properties. Your high may begin with a slight tingle, slowly hits your head with bliss and then gives you a full-body calm – perfect for getting settled in and comfortable in the bath. 

Nice Marmot

You can follow in The Dude’s footsteps and light up a joint in the tub. His set up did seem pretty great – copious amounts of candles and whale songs on the stereo. But our recommendation would be glass. Bubbles in your glass to match the bubbles on your ass. Grab your bong, load up on the bubble bath and get ready to enjoy the best bath of your life. 


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