High Times – The Ultimate Stoner Convenience Store Guide

Get overwhelmed when you enter a 7-Eleven or gas station? We created this for you.

Perhaps this has happened to you: you’ve just finished off a joint. Maybe the edible has just hit. Or perhaps you’ve just put down your bong, or vape pen, or whatever other space-aged weed tech has just the shelves. There’s only one thing on your mind: snack time.

You walk (because we don’t condone stoned driving!) over to your local convenience store or 7-Eleven. But now that you’re in there staring at the rows, the multitude of options, the sensory overload that is the snack world—you panic. What do you even want?

Lucky for you, we whipped up this handy little cheat sheet. Use it wisely. …”

See the full guide by Wilder Shaw at High Times

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