High Times – Martha Stewart Accepts Challenge To Smoke A Joint With Chelsea Handler

“There’s no turning back now: the Internet is waiting to see Stewart light up—once and for all.

In a candid interview, Martha Stewart revealed that she accepted a challenge from Chelsea Handler: to smoke a doobie for the first time in decades. While Stewart frequently dabbles with cannabis and hemp-related enterprises, she’s generally conceded that she does not partake of the herb recreationally, and prefers a cocktail or wine instead.

After doing numerous projects together, Stewart explained on Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2015 that she’s gotten contact high simply from being around Snoop Dogg—which is fairly plausible. But after mounting peer pressure from Snoop to get Stewart high, the television personality-turned-entrepreneur caved in and accepted the challenge from a woman instead.

Following a hilarious heart-to-heart on Instagram, Handler challenged Stewart to join her and smoke a joint together, to which Stewart obliged. …”

Read the full story by Benjamin M. Adams on High Times

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