High Times: Angry At Injustice? Here’s How You Can Help Make A Difference

“We ache for the memories of not only George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Aubrey, but for every other person of color senselessly murdered and brutalized by police officers. This is a systemic issue. It has to end.

As it was for millions of others across the nation, last week was a hard one for us.

As journalists at our core, reporting on current and historical events, and rooting out what caused them, is ingrained in who we are. It’s not only our livelihood, and it’s not just about marijuana—it’s about making sense of the world around us.

For over 45 years High Times has stood up to investigate and shine a light into the starkest realities of our country. It has stood up to call out government hypocrisy, it has stood up to demand accountability from our elected officials, and it has stood up to defend the freedoms human beings deserve, no matter where they are from, or what color their skin is. Dissent is as American as apple pie, and the rebellion from injustice is how this country was formed in the first place… However, we also recognize that there are some things you can’t just report on. …”

Continue reading the full article from the High Times editors at High Times.

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