High Halloween: Cannabis and Candy Pairings

There’s been a lot of noise about October being the beginning of spooky season. We don’t disagree but treats are better than tricks and we all know that the best part of October is Halloween candy. What’s better than candy? Candy and cannabis paired together. Halloween candy makes the perfect munchie because you can eat as much or as little as your high prescribes. These pairings are so delicious, however, that we recommend grabbing handfuls of your favorite sweets on this All Hallows Eve. 

Runts and Runtz

This is a pretty obvious pairing but that doesn’t make it any less delicious. Named after the candy itself, Runtz has a sweet, fruity profile with hints of sugar on the nose. With it’s euphoric and anxiety reducing effects, you won’t even mind eating the banana-flavored runts. 

Peanut Butter M&M’s and Peanut Butter Breath

Everyone has their own hierarchy of M&M’s varieties. Some people argue that you can’t beat the original, you have your peanut lovers, the weirdos who love the crispy ones or the even weirder weirdos who seek out flavors like pumpkin spice or red velvet. We believe that every flavor has their time and place. The time and place for peanut butter M&M’s is always and everywhere but the candy really reaches new heights when paired with Peanut Butter Breath. This strain has a nutty, creamy aroma just like the candy. Ditch the “fun-sized” bags for the shareable size because Peanut Butter Breath will hit you hard with the munchies. No sharing necessary. 

Junior Mints and Lava Cake

There’s something relaxing about Junior Mints. It may be the deep, dark chocolate or perhaps it’s the cool, almost-tingling mint flavor. Either way, you pop one in your mouth and it just takes you to another place. The same happens when you take a hit of Lava Cake. Beyond the matching relaxation, these two pair perfectly for another reason. The flavors compliment each other. Lava Cake has a rich, chocolatey profile with subtle hints of mint. Pair it with Junior Mints and that mint flavor will become much more obvious. In the most delicious way, of course. 

Kit Kats and Smores Gelato

It’s honestly crazy that there hasn’t been a successful s’mores candy bar. What’s with that? But even if there was, we might still pair Smores Gelato with Kit Kats. The strain does have chocolatey aromas and flavors but also an underlying earthiness that may be masked by sickly sweet marshmallows. Kit Kats, however, have the chocolate flavor mixed with layers of slightly salty wafer to balance out some of its sweetness. The only question that remains is how you eat the kit kat. One big bite? Nibble the chocolate off the sides? Whichever way, break us off a piece of that S’mores Gelato. 

Starbursts and Blood Orange

This mouth-watering strain is a perfect match for the little box-shaped, juicy, sweet candies. While the orange flavored one is obviously the best match, you can’t go wrong popping a pink, red or yellow Starburst into your mouth while smoking Blood Orange. Each one has a slight citrus flavor that goes well with the sour, citrusy notes of the strain. It’s explainably juicy. 


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