Harvest 2020: The Strains We’re Most Thankful For

At Elyon, we love all our strains. We wouldn’t grow them if we didn’t. So to choose a favorite would be like choosing a favorite child. But it’s almost inevitable that you do have a favorite child and likewise, a favorite strain. 2020, with two abundant harvests, was full of amazing strains to choose from. Here are a few of our favorite:

“My favorite and by far most memorable was the GMO Jelly. It had perfect form, with tight dense buds from bottom to top and yielded great with nearly no mold. It was also some of the most beautiful buds that I’ve seen come off the gas this year.” – Yoel, Lead Cultivator

Lemonheads was my favorite because of the balance between the lemon and fuel. Perfect for smoking for before dinner into the evening.” – Max, VP of Sales

“I’m mostly at Toley so those are the strains I’m most familiar with, but one of my favorites so far from this harvest is the Kush Mintz. The plant grew tall and had large colas, which are turning into some nice sized buds as it’s drying. It’s packed with trichomes and sticky as a fly trap (I actually found a fly stuck to one unable to escape), and was one of the first to take on a gorgeous deep purple color. For sativa I think Super Sour Diesel wins by default because it’s one of my favorites and one of the only sativas I had, but some of them were monster plants with strong flowers. I’ve used this Super Sour Diesel a few times before going to socialize and it has helped my mind race with thoughts and make me conversational.” – Bradley, Lead Cultivator

“I think one of my favorites is Kush Mintz. Like Bradley said, good size buds, smells great, good structure — a very healthy plant. I will also give you my second favorite, which is Triangle Mintz. I smoked that and it is very minty. It is also a nice looking plant.” – Wagner, Lead Cultivator 

“My favorite strain is GMO, by far. From quality to growing it, my favorite hands down!!!” – Matt, Owner

“My favorite has been the LemonHeads. I am a big fan of the terpene Limonene. Medicinally, it is known to uplift your mood as well as enhance your immune system. Also it tested fairly high in percentage which doesn’t matter to me but I do need the body relief pain so it was the perfect high for me.” – Austin, Marketing Manager

“I love Blood Orange. It’s what I used to make my first Chronic Cocktail (the Elyon Margaweeda) so it’s partially through association with that. But the high is also incredible. It’s really uplifting with both a great head and body high. Yum.” – Jacqueline, Blogger

Turns out, it wasn’t that hard to pick a favorite after all. What’s yours? 


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