Hansel Aquino Defeats Epithelioid Sarcoma – An Interview.

Hansel has had quite the journey from battling and defeating Cancer to becoming an MMA fighter soon there after. His positive spirit is a testament to the fact that you can do anything you set your mind to. Follow him on IG @hanselaquino


When were you diagnosed?
“I was living with Epithelioid Sarcoma for two years prior to being diagnosed accurately in 2012.  Before this time, I was misdiagnosed on several occasions.”
How did you feel when you first received the news?
“Initially, when I first heard I had cancer I thought it was a joke. Actually I started laughing with the doctor. He was not laughing and sat me down letting me know who serious it was. I wasn’t fearful because I knew I was going to beat it. The hardest part was telling my mom and the rest of my family.”
What did you do to meet the challenges at/from your treatments?  
“An elderly man once came up to me during one of my training sessions and told me the secrets to beating this disease. He advised me to fast which means I eat one meal a day fasting for a period of almost twenty four hours. He also let me know about the benefits of alkaline water and cannabis. I completely attribute my healing to these key factors plus regular training and exercise.”
Tell us about your treatment process. How did cannabis help?
“During a stint of intense radiation, I took cannabis and CBD to reduce inflammation that would appear after the procedure. I also use it to manage my stress levels, a big part of reducing the cancer was in keeping my stress levels down.”
What are some things you would tell someone who just found out about their diagnosis?
“My purpose in life is to share my story with others and hopefully inspire others who might feel down on their luck. I would advise others to adopt a healthier lifestyle and give them the same blueprint that’s helped me for so many years. I would also highly recommend regular CBD use and potentially the incorporation of THC into their daily habits. Most importantly, I would remind them that half the battle is in keeping a positive mind and moving forward free from fear, even though that’s very difficult to do.”
Now that you are a survivor, how are you living your life differently and has your overall outlook changed?
“Nothing has really changed. I had a generally positive mindset during the process. I’ve always loved life and believed in the impossible.”
How do you involve cannabis in your life now a days?
“I use cannabis to help me during my training. I utilize my knowledge of cannabis to also spread helpful information to others. We still don’t have all of the research concerning whether or not THC cures cannabis but I saw what it did for me and I was always believe in it’s incredible effects. I plan on using this miracle plant for as long as I live.”

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