Get to Know Your Grower: Wagner, Elyon Home Farm

Ever wondered what life is like for a professional cannabis grower? Now you can find out! We want you to get to know our growers. They bring life to Elyon and are the heart and soul of our team. First, we talked to Wagner, our head grower at the main Elyon farm

Originally from Ecuador, Wagner made his way to Sonoma County via New York City. He’s been with Elyon since the beginning and isn’t going anywhere — he loves his plants.


How did you first get started as a professional grower in the cannabis industry?
Wagner: I started as a homegrower. I started with one plant that a friend gave me and thought I might try it out. I fell in love with the plants and how they react. I started with the one and then got two more and then I got greedy.


What does a typical day look like for you?
W: The first thing I do is walk around. I look into every hoop house to make sure my plants are healthy. That is the first thing I do everyday: I check in with the plants to see how they are doing. Everything really revolves around the plants. I’m checking nutrients, checking water. If the plants are all healthy, it’s a pretty simple day but everything changes daily.


What are the most important skills for you to be successful at your job?
W: Care, love and responsibility. 200% When you care about your job, it becomes a lot easier.


What’s been the most startling change since legalization?
W: The biggest change is in the community. People are now realizing how good the cannabis industry is for everything. Everyone is getting more educated about the benefits of cannabis. Some people don’t accept it but people are getting more knowledgeable. Like my parents, they were really against it but now they think it’s good for everything! If something hurts? They use CBD for everything. My dad, since I was a kid, said don’t do it. I remember being so surprised the first time he called me and said “you work in this industry right? Can you get something for the pain in my knee?” And now every time he has a chance he asks for more.


Any predictions for the future of the industry?
W: I think in the near future cannabis is going to become a worldwide legal medicine. Every country is going to have a legal cannabis industry. But right now, there is nothing like what we have in California – so many strains, flavors, smells. It’s insane. And here at Elyon we are happy to represent Sonoma and California.


Do you have any advice for those new to the cannabis industry – first time consumers, home growers and those looking to get into it professionally?
W: Home growers, just try. If you get passionate, just keep doing it. Just like what happened with me. You should always try. For consumers: enjoy the magical and beneficial world of cannabis! As for the industry, it’s a great industry. Start now!


What is your favorite strain to grow? Is that different from your favorite to consume?
W: My favorite to grow is Orange Creamsicle. It’s so fragrant and gives off so much citrus. I also like anything crossed with Breath, Mendo Breath and Peanut Butter Breath, they are very popular and very healthy plants.  And a newer strain, Cereal Milk, is good so far — very healthy, grows fast, doesn’t give you any problems. But obviously, I can give you a bigger list… To consume I like everything crossed with Gelato. Or Mendo Breath because it doesn’t make me feel hungry!


Favorite munchie?
W: Tacos. Bread…cheese…pretty much everything that is in my fridge.


Favorite “hightivity”?
W: Stay home, relax, be calm and maybe watch a movie. That’s it.


What are you most proud of as part of the Elyon team?
W: I have been here since the beginning. We pretty much built Elyon together. In the beginning we were so small. We had a tiny office and were growing on less than an acre. Seeing all the effort and hard work that’s gotten us where we are today – that’s what I’m most proud of. And I hope we can keep growing like that.

Thank you, Wagner, for sharing your knowledge, insight and passion for cannabis and Elyon!

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