Farmwork Friday: Trellising

Before you can get to the fun bits of cannabis, a lot of work has to go into the cultivation of the plant. Or, maybe you consider that the fun bit? Either way, we’re here to outline what the team at Elyon does to give you the best bud, from choosing the soil to harvesting the plants. Let’s get to (farm)work. 

We can all use a little support from time to time. It’s no different with cannabis. To get the biggest, most beautiful buds, the plants just need some support…aka trellising. 

Net Positive

Trellising is a gardening/farming technique utilized to prop up a variety of plants: tomatoes, grapevines, wisteria, and yes, cannabis (just to name a few). A trellis can be anything from a simple stick in the ground to a complex framework of lattice. With cannabis, the most common type of trellis is netting with a lattice pattern. Typically made from nylon or plastic, these nets are used to both support the plants and spread out the shoots, helping to dramatically increase the yield. 

By trellising the plant and spreading out the shoots, the plant develops a more even canopy–allowing more sunshine to reach the plant. We all know cannabis loves the light. More sun equals more fun. The trellised plants will develop not just one cola at the top, but several of equal size on the plant. Trellising also allows for more air to get through the plants, lessening the chance for mold and disease. 

Agog of the ScrOG

There are several methods of trellising cannabis plants, often used in conjunction with different training techniques. Some outdoor grows choose to trellis vertically. This is either done in a cylindrical cage around the plant or along a wall, promoting more vine-like growth in the plants. Outdoor and indoor grows alike use horizontal trellising, most commonly the ScrOG or screen of green method. With this, the netting, or horizontal trellis, is placed above the plants….like a screen. As the plants get bigger, growers weave branches into individual holes, creating a flat, even canopy…of green. 

Trellising goes a long way in creating healthy, vibrant plants. Some cultivators (like Elyon) choose to take it a step further by implementing high stress training techniques (HST). One such technique is topping. Topping is pruning the main growth tip of the plant. Removing this (at the proper time) will actually create more growth – both in a secondary cola and along the lower branches. Defoliation should also be carefully undertaken so that the area underneath the canopy remains clean and admits more airflow.  Heard of lollipopping? No, it’s not a Tik Tok dance. It’s another pruning technique that removes the lower growth of the plant, shifting the energy to the top buds. 

Top it Off

The goal at Elyon is always to create the best buds to get you The Most High. Trellising and training are a crucial part of the growing process to reach that goal. Step onto our farms and you’ll see a screen of green, cared for diligently by our expert team of cultivators.

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