Farmwork Friday – Hoop Houses

Before you can get to the fun bits of cannabis, a lot of work has to go into the cultivation of the plant. Or, maybe you consider that the fun bit? Either way, we’re here to outline what the team at Elyon does to give you the best bud, from choosing the soil to harvesting the plants. Let’s get to (farm)work. 

Sonoma Sungrown

It sounds so idyllic, right? Alliteration aside, “Sonoma sungrown” can still be a controversial topic. Growers and consumers alike still debate the merits of outdoor versus indoor grown. Which produces the better looking bud? Where can you get the highest THC and most cannabinoids? Does sungrown really taste better? People have been asking these questions for years and will likely continue to do so for many more. We’re not here to answer those questions. But we will examine a few truths. Yes, indoor grows don’t have the variability like outdoor grows do. Mother nature can be a beast. The sun, however, has no equal. Natural light is better than LED. It just isn’t always available. But, those LED lights can be quite costly: monetarily (meaning more expensive bud) and environmentally (indoor has a way higher carbon footprint). 

Hoop, There It Is

At Elyon, we capture the power of the sun but protect the plants from the worst of the elements. How? Hoop houses. Not quite greenhouses but not fully outdoors, hoop houses offer protection from rain, sunburn, wind and heat. Temporary structures, the hoop houses don’t add anything to the carbon footprint of the farm, but do help create more ideal conditions for the cannabis. 

Growing in Sonoma, the conditions are already pretty ideal. There is usually very little rain during the growing season. On the off chance there is a storm, the hoop houses keep the plants dry and mitigate mold and disease. There is a lot of sun in Sonoma from March to October. The hoop houses allow for sun exposure but protect the plants from the worst of the rays, meaning the plants won’t get sunburnt. Shade cloth can also be easily employed with the hoop houses, helping keep the houses cool. 

At our farm, LIG Remedies, the hoop houses are taller than at our main farm. There is more sun exposure at LIG so the taller houses allow for more air flow – using natural elements to control natural elements. 

Higher than the Hoops

Whether indoor or outdoor, the best cannabis will come from the best growers. The hoop houses help, but our cannabis gets you the most high because we have the best farm team. 


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