Elyon: The Whole Package

It’s important to know where your food comes from, right? That’s why the farm-to-table movement became much more of a movement, it became a way of life. What about your weed? Shouldn’t you know where your cannabis is coming from? 

With an ever-growing array of cannabis companies bringing you an overwhelming amount of choice in your cannabis selection, it can be easy to pick based on fun or fancy packaging alone. But stop a minute to consider where that company is getting its flower. Did they grow it themselves or is it all a marketing scheme? Can they really guarantee the best bud? At Elyon, we can assure you’ll get The Most High because we grow, package and distribute everything in-house. 


All you need to do is tune into our Farmwork Fridays to know that we take our farming seriously. We are always on the hunt for the best soil and the best genetics to give the plants the best possible start to life. They are ushered into the hands of our very capable and talented growers who use a mix of innovative and traditional methods while keeping constant watch over the plants. Our farms themselves are chosen very carefully so that we can use a mix of sustainable and regenerative growing methods. 


After hand harvesting, we cure and package the cannabis in-house as well. It’s never in anyone’s hands but the Elyon teams. And those hands? They almost exclusively package the cannabis themselves, not machines — meaning only the best bud goes into the packaging. Oh yeah, the packaging. It’s also designed in-house. Just like our farming methods, we’re looking into sustainable packaging as well. 


Why should you care if it’s Elyon distributing the cannabis vs. a third party distributor that represents multiple products? For several reasons, really. First, budtenders are your gateway to great cannabis. We’re in constant communication with them. If we have a strain that’s really hitting at a particular time, we can quickly educate the budtenders, who, in turn, pass that knowledge to you. On the flipside, if anything is wrong with the flower, we want to amend it as quickly as possible without any third parties getting in the way to slow us down. Most importantly, though? It helps keep the price down for you. You are getting the best bud, for the best price. Win, win. 

Triple Threat

As you can tell, we’re proud to be in control of our flower. It’s our flower, until it’s yours. And we want to make sure you are getting the best cannabis, and the best experience. We make sure that happens by growing, packaging and distributing everything in-house. From our home to yours, please enjoy. 




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