Elyon Farm: Toley

This time of year, sunflowers beam brightly as a way of welcome to Elyon’s third Sonoma County farm. At any given time, there are more cows than people around and the Petaluma hills undulate around the property, giving an idyllic sense of calm as the cannabis plants lightly sway with the breeze at Toley Farms. 

Koalas Not Included

Also part of the scenery at Toley Farms is a small eucalyptus grove. Slightly out of place, the grove is certainly not unwelcome. It’s beautiful, yes, but also quite practical. It was most likely planted as a windblock originally. It also helps play a part in pest control. Both are important factors in our cannabis cultivation. Taste a little extra menthol flavor in your cannabis? Probably not. Unlike wine grapes planted near eucalyptus, cannabis doesn’t seem to pick up any flavor from the minty trees. BRB while we light up and do a little more research on this. 

A Hop, Skip and a Jump Away

Just a few hill’s away from LIG Remedies, Toley Farms shares many of the same climatic features (wind, fog, heat) and even some of the same farm crew. That’s not to say the two farms are identical. Subtle differences can make a big impact on the harvest cycle. While LIG sits on top of a hill, Toley is tucked into a valley. This leads to slightly less wind exposure coming through the Petaluma Gap but slightly more fog. The eucalyptus grove shields some of the farm from the early morning sun, meaning less overall sun than LIG. All of these factors are considered when making the farming decisions. 

LIG remains the largest of the Elyon farms but a recent expansion brought the number of hoop houses up to 43, growing approximately 25 different strains.  Continuing Elyon’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency, the site is undergoing a transition to recycled water. By September, the farm will be using 100 percent recycled water, cleaned via an ozone filtration system (read more about this on our next Farmwork Friday). 

Trip Complete

We’ve taken you through the vineyards to Bango, up the hill to LIG and through the sunflower-spotted valley to Toley. Thus concludes your virtual tour of the Elyon Farms. For now…we’re always on the hunt to get you the most high. 


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