Elyon Farm Spotlight: LIG Remedies

Gusty winds blow while peacocks roam between hoop houses on top of an undulating hill in Petaluma. Welcome to Elyon’s second Sonoma County farm: LIG Remedies.


The Opposite of Peacocking

At 41,000 square feet, LIG Remedies is Elyon’s biggest farm — almost twice the size of the main farm. But tucked quietly in the hills of Petaluma, amidst rolling vineyards and open grazing land, this farm is anything but ostentatious. Roll up and you’ll see the farm crew diLIGently checking on plants. Or, at the right time in the season, you may just see their feet sticking out of the hoop houses as they climb through the neatly organized jungle. 

The majority of the hoop houses at LIG contain long, uniform planting beds. Unlike the main farm, however, LIG has several hoops dedicated to experimenting with smart pods.


When the Wind Blows

Although it’s less than 30 miles from the main farm, LIG has a distinctly different microclimate. It has sLIGhtly less fog, but dramatically more wind. Gusts blowing through the Petaluma Gap to the farm can range from a LIGhtly cooling breeze to plant-ripping gales. Without the careful and diLIGent work of the farm team, the first row of plants in the hoop houses can quickly turn to sacrificial wind blocks for the rest of the plants. 

There are benefits to the breeze. With no shade on top of the hill, the sun can turn the hoop houses into their own hot boxes. Full sun is great for better crystal formation, but terpene degradation starts at 85 degrees. Like the main farm, LIG uses shade clothes to help mitigate the heat. But they also have taller hoop houses, letting more air flow in and cooling the houses.


It’s Easy as 1…2…3, LIG

Elyon has been farming LIG for three years and each year gets more intimately familiar with the site. The hands-on approach from the Elyon farm team, working with the elements and not against them, means that they can consistently deliver the best buds to get you the most high. 

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