Dispensary Spotlight: Mission Cannabis Club

The best way for you to get to know your bud? Talk to your budtender. The best way for them to get to know their bud? Go straight to the source. That’s why we recently invited the crew from Mission Cannabis Club to visit the Elyon farm. They got to know us, so let’s get to know them. 

On a Mission to Get You the Most High

Located in the heart of the Mission District in San Francisco, Mission Cannabis Club is soon to be a triple threat in the art of getting people high. They are a dispensary, delivery service and an almost-open consumption lounge. The lounge, the only upstairs lounge in all of SF, is all about promoting engagement and meeting new people (as soon as it is safe to consume indoors again, that is). 

A Bud by Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Formerly known as the Shambhala Medical Cannabis Collective, the Mission Cannabis Club and its eight budtenders are longtime residents of San Francisco. The name changed with a remodel and expansion, but many of the budtenders are still the same. In fact, many patients have built relationships with the budtenders and visit the dispensary because of them. 

Besides regulars, the budtenders see a wide range of consumers from tourists visiting the city for the first time to neighbors walking their dogs (yes, they are dog-friendly)! No matter your experience level, the budtenders love helping, healing and handing out dog treats. 

Do it for the Gram

The streets of the Mission District have become a “modern millennials dream.” The colorful alleys and graffitied wall murals are now familiar backdrops on Instagram. As a reflection of their location, Mission Cannabis Club is chalk full of graffiti and local artists. So you can grab a gram (or, preferably, more) after you post your gram. 

Don’t care about the gram? Perhaps you’re more concerned about conquering your munchies? No worries there. Mission Cannabis Club sits just steps away from some of SF’s best burritos. Is there a better stoner challenge than going on a burrito crawl? Yes, going on a mission burrito crawl. Mission burritos are bigger and full of extra ingredients. Challenge accepted. 

Make that Mission Accepted

Grab some Elyon Golden State Bananas at Mission Cannabis Club, followed by a mission burrito crawl, topped off with some Bi-Rite ice cream and a nap at Dolores Park. The perfect day in the bay. 

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