Dispensary Spotlight: Doobie Nights

Doobie Nights is all about the experience. Since the budtenders are such an integral part of your experience, we wanted to treat them to a little experience of their own, an Elyon experience. As we toured the farm with them we got to know just why Doobie Nights is so groovy. 

Portal to Another World

From the outside, you would never know you’re about to step into what looks like a portal to another world. Surrounded by industrial warehouses and suburban strip malls, Doobie Nights is located in a stark looking building in south Santa Rosa. Walk inside, however, and you’ll feel worlds away…literally. The waiting room and retail area are separated by a rounded arch–an art installation that looks like it was stripped from a spaceship. 

The installation is by artist Carey Thompson and, coupled with LED lights and a series of changing light projections, is what makes Doobie Nights such an experience. That experience can change with the lights. They have 14 different projections (and plan on adding more) that range from tropical beach vibes to the greenery of a cannabis garden. Some might say that you need to be stoned already to enjoy the experiential decor. Realistically though, it just puts you in the right mood and perfect frame of mind to enjoy the products you’re buying. 

Cannabis and Beer and Wine, Oh My!

Doobie Nights is a destination in its own right. But there is plenty in the surrounding(ish) area if you want to make a full day trip out of visiting. Many of its patrons choose to couple the cannabis buying experience with their wine country tasting trips. Our recommendation? Save the wine for another time and focus on cannabis’ cousin—hops. Just a short hop over the highway is Henhouse, one of Santa Rosa’s best microbrewery. They have a great outdoor picnic area, loads of games to play and rotating food trucks to satisfy your munchies. 

Interpening Your Needs

Another part of the experience at Doobie Nights? Working with the budtenders to find you exactly what you’re looking for. And these budtenders know their stuff. Of course, they’re passionate about their bud. But their knowledge is next level. Why? The operators of the dispensary are willing and eager to educate them. Anyone who wants to can get courses from the Trichome Institute paid for by the dispensary. Some of the budtenders you are working with are Interpening Certified. They’re ready to pass on their knowledge through everyday interactions and more in-depth classes the dispensary hopes to host soon. 

Boogie on Down

You definitely won’t regret taking a trip to Doobie Nights to pick up your Elyon bud. It’s a far out experience you won’t want to miss. 



Photo via MG Retailer


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