Different Ways to Enjoy Your Cannabis

Different Ways to Enjoy Your Cannabis

As the cannabis community continues to evolve, so does the ways that users of cannabis can choose to enjoy their strain of choice. Here are just some of the ways that cannabis can be consumed, along with some fun historical facts that have led us to these innovative and evolving times in cannabis enjoyment.


Whether it’s by hand or using a machine to make the perfect joint, there are many ways to roll your cannabis into a joint. Cannabis accessory stores offer many options of papers, from hemp, to rice papers, in varying thinness and styles to suit every preference.

In cannabis lore, joints are a more modern method of consumption. The origin dates back to Mexico to 1865, where a University professor noted that his workers were mixing cannabis into their tobacco.


Vaporizing cannabis is the most discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis. Vaping used to be a complicated process that required a desktop device, but technology has evolved to allow for vaping through a device that can fit into your pocket.

When you vaporize flower, cannabis oil, or a cannabis concentrate, it’s usually done through a coil device that heats your vape a minimum of 200-degrees Celsius. The vapor inhaled is the terpenes and cannabinoids of the cannabis rather than the flower content. You can choose to buy devices that vaporize flower or oils, which come in pre-filled cartridges, disposable, or refillable forms.


One of the most common, and convenient ways to consume cannabis is through a pipe. Now being offered in glass, metal, silicone, and other materials, a cannabis pipe can be both artful and discreet.

Use of a pipe to consume cannabis goes back to 500 B.C., Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian described Scythians inhaling the fumes of burning leaves through pipe-like mechanisms. In tribal history, Native Americans and Canadians utilized pipes in tribal ceremonies to smoke dry herbs that have forever connected cannabis with spirituality.

As the tobacco trade progressed, so did the use of pipes as smoking devices. Pipes have gone on to be one of the most favored methods to smoke cannabis; they are user-friendly, easy to clean, and are aesthetically pleasing. Treat yourself to a beautiful pipe piece!


Edibles have long time been a popular method of consuming cannabis, and luckily for all cannabis users, edibles have evolved beyond space cookies and magic brownies. To make edibles at home, you need either an oil, tincture or decarboxylated (activated by heat) flower. Edibles offered on the legal market come in forms of gummies, mints, chocolates, beverages and other non-sugary forms.

Edibles should always be used with caution, as the effects can sometimes take 45-60 minutes to kick in as the cannabinoids take time to pass through your gastrointestinal system and into your blood stream.


The use of the bong goes back 2,400 years to Asia and Africa. The word is derived from the Thai word “buang”. Early bongs were made from bamboo but evolved into containing water and to be made of glass and other materials.

“Bong rips” are a sure-fire way to feel the effects of cannabis immediately. It’s always advised to start slow as one bong toke can pack a powerful punch.

Like pipes, bongs have become an art form, with one of the most pleasing experiences of visiting a head shop being exploring the vast imagination that goes into bong artistry.


Dabbing is a somewhat new method of cannabis ingestion that is increasing in popularity.

Dabbing uses high-potency cannabis concentrates and a rig to heat up the concentrate that you inhale. Dabbing isn’t a convenient process but is a great way to experiment with the various concentrates available on the legal market. Visit a head shop to get yourself a dab rig, and all the necessary tools to venture into this method of consumption.

Sublingual Administration

Many prefer sublingual oils and sprays that offer a dose of cannabinoids without the smoke. Sublingual, or under the tongue administration involves using oils and sprays that involve careful extraction of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Be sure to use an oil-based tincture for sublingual administration, as alcohol-based can burn!

Hold the oil under your tongue for a minimum of 10 seconds to let it absorb and like edibles, it may be a while before effects are felt.


Cannabis suppositories are growing in popularity, especially in regards to women’s health, as a method to quickly and effectively get the medicinal relief of cannabis. While oral ingestion (i.e. edibles) delivers around 35% and smoking around 15% of the cannabinoids into the body, cannabis suppositories deliver around 80% of the cannabis medicine, because within the anal cavity there are more mucous membranes than any part of your body.

Topical Application

Topical salves, creams, and ointments are all the rage in cannabis, with these products being used to promote the reduction of pain in inflammation as well as restorative properties for beauty purposes. CBD-infused products have hit the mainstream with the passing of the Farm Bill, offering consumers different products and strengths to bring therapeutic relief and promote skin restoration.

Conscious Consumption

It’s fun to explore the methods of consumption available to cannabis consumers as legalization sweeps the nation, however, each method of consumption produces different effects and can involve differing potencies. Always start slow when experimenting with new methods to find what works best for you!

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