Did The Founding Fathers Smoke Weed?

“America wouldn’t be America without the Founding Fathers, but did they have a little bit of fun on the side?

America was founded in 1776 by a group of leaders who united and created a new form of government, that would then go on to initiate the revolutionary War and fight for America’s independence from the reigns of Great Britain. That group of leaders was known as the Founding Fathers of America, and they went on to create many of the documents which continue to shape America to this day.

The Founding Fathers had the incredible foresight and capabilities to not only overthrow the world’s primary superpower but to also create a long-term, sustainable vision for how their country would look in the decades to come, eventually turning America into a superpower itself. Now, America largely considered the world’s final remaining superpower.

As incredible as their resumes and legacies are, there is, however, one question that persists surrounding the Founding Fathers:

Did the Founding Fathers smoke weed?

Let’s find out more about the Founding Fathers and whether or not they liked to spark up a bit of the good stuff. …”

Read the full article by Louis O’Neill at The Greenfund.

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