Decoding The Elyon Label

With one harvest under our belt and the second quickly approaching, you’re about to see a whole lot of fresh Elyon hitting dispensary shelves. You know what else is fresh? Our new packaging. We’re still getting you The Most High, just now with a cute new label. 

Like any responsible cannabis producer, we want to bring you truth in our labeling. Here’s what you’ll see, and what it means….

Farm ID: Because we grow, package and distribute our own product, you’ll see one of only three numbers here. Larger cannabis companies that buy flower from third parties will have copious amounts of different Farm IDs, potentially coming from all over the state (and most likely they won’t even put this on the label as it’s not required by law). At Elyon, you know the product is coming from our main farm in Santa Rosa or from our farms in Petaluma–LIG Remedies and Toley Farms. P.S. That’s also why we can call out Sonoma County on our label, because all of our plants are grown within county lines. So take a puff, close your eyes and envision vineyards, cannabis farms, redwoods and the inimitable Sonoma coast. 

Test ID: This shows our cannabis has been lab tested. This is important for a few reasons. First, it means that it’s been tested for pesticides. We’re using the most natural products possible. But being surrounded by other farms, it is always important to test for harmful chemicals that could have blown into the bud. It also means we’re getting the most accurate levels of cannabinoids present…

THC% & Total THC: You know what this is, and, be honest, it’s probably the first thing you sought out on the label. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol if you’re feeling fancy, is the most well-known cannabinoid present in cannabis. It’s also the main psychoactive component. The fun bits, if you will. THC percentages have been on the rise so you’ll see a lot of our bud coming in above 20%. 

CBD% and Total CBD: The other well-known cannabinoid and one you’ve probably seen popping up everywhere recently is CBD, or cannabidiol. CBD is known for its pain relieving and anti-anxiety properties. Those using cannabis for medicinal purposes should definitely seek out strains higher in CBD. 

CB’s % and Total CB’s: These numbers represent the full amount of cannabinoids present. No, the numbers don’t add up if you’re just looking at THC and CBD. That’s because there are over 100 cannabinoids total. The more diverse the cannabinoid profile is in your bud, the more likely it is to have a wider range of health benefits and effects. Further research needs to be done but it’s on the rise and you’re likely to start hearing more about CBN, CBG, THCV and others. 

Harvest & Package Dates: We’re always looking to get you the freshest bud. Being an outdoor grow with hoop houses, we’re able to do two harvests per year so you’ll see dates from June through October. But don’t worry, we make sure to take our time in the curing process which is why you’ll see a gap between the harvest and package dates. 

Batch Number and UID: These are less important for the consumer but do show that we take our status as a legal cannabis producer seriously. The batch number is an internal identification number to identify what batch of product this bud was processed and packaged with. The UID number is legally required so that the product can be tracked through the supply chain, through the California Cannabis Track-and-Trace system. 

Of course, in addition to all these fun numbers, you’ll see what strain the flower is and our recommendation for when to consume–daytime, night time or anytime (based on terpene profiles and cannabinoid levels). Now follow the instructions for use and get to smoking! 


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