Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Says He Expects NFL to Loosen Cannabis Policy

NFL team owners are currently hashing out a new collective bargaining agreement with the player’s union, and the league’s loudest leader said he’s ready to finally see some cannabis leniency.

Hot on the heels of a rule change in Major League Baseball that will allow pitchers and fielders to puff pot on their off days, one of the NFL’s most brash and outspoken team owners is putting new pressure on professional football to get on board with legal weed. 

According to CBS Sports, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told hosts at radio station 105.3 The Fan that he believed it was time for the NFL to adjust its cannabis policy to meet changing legal and social standards. NFL team owners are currently engaged in talks with players union officials to construct a new collective bargaining agreement, which could result in a shift in cannabis rules as soon as next year.

“I think the world is sensitive to the issue regarding marijuana,” Jones told The Fan. “It’s also an issue contemporarily we’re excited about being in step with the social and legal scene as it goes forward. And, so, we not only have the interest of competitiveness in mind when it comes to any type of substance, we have the issue of the law and we have the issue of the society focus on it. All of that does receive attention when you’re discussing this area with players.”

“I think that [we can] expect an adjustment [in the] present way that marijuana is being thought about,” Jones added.

Jones did not say whether he supported a total removal of the league’s marijuana ban, and refrained from disclosing any specifics of last week’s collective bargaining debates, but the Cowboys’ vocal owner made a point to discuss the discrepancies between NFL policy and changing pot laws across the nation.

“I want us to always be careful as we are looking at our behavior to not make it look like as NFL players that you’re inordinately bad actors,” Jones said. “I want us to always keep that in mind when we’re implementing what our rules are is it pertains to any type of behavior, and it certainly has to be legal behavior. Behavior can’t be tolerated if it’s not legal, but if it’s legal, how we handle that and how we test that; and what happens when a player doesn’t get to play because he’s been suspended and the light that it casts on everybody is of interest to me.”

Currently, NFL players are strictly forbidden from consuming cannabis products, with frequent fines, team punishment, and league suspensions for failed tests.

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