Cannabis Around the Table: Our Favorite Thanksgiving Strains

Ah, Danksgiving. Other than 4/20, it may just be the best stoner holiday there is. It’s a day where we sit and give thanks. But it’s also a day where we stuff ourselves silly and get to take a nap after with no stigma. 

We’re thankful for cannabis. So let’s take every opportunity to incorporate it into this most blessed of holidays. Here are our favorite strains to pair with all things Thanksgiving. 

The Best Strain to Make Small Talk with Your Distant Relatives: Super Sour Diesel 

There are many wonderful things about Thanksgiving. Sitting around a table with your awkward cousin and your politically incorrect grandmother is usually not one of them. Cannabis to the rescue! But you need a strain that is good for social situations, that will keep you alert and creative enough to come up with talking points that won’t lead to a family meltdown. You need Super Sour Diesel. This strain is a huge mood booster with heavy cerebral effects. It will wash away stress and anxiety, leave your body relaxed and your mind buzzing. It’s not for newbies, though. So maybe don’t share any with your awkward cousin. 

The Best Strain For Being in the Kitchen All Day: Lemon Meringue

Of the two strains we recommend for cooking, Lemon Meringue is definitely the one to grab for Thanksgiving. This day of cooking is a marathon, not a sprint and you need a strain that will keep you energized from the moment you pop that turkey in the oven to when you dish up the last piece of pie. To aid you in your quest for the best turkey ever, you definitely need Lemon Meringue. It’s not a day to get creative in the kitchen. But you still need to keep your spirits high as you fluff up those mashed potatoes. 

The Best Strain For Flipping Between Football and the Macy’s Day Parade: RACEFUEL

If you’re not in the kitchen, you’re most likely on the couch watching TV. On Thanksgiving there are really only two options for television. You can watch football or you can watch the Macy’s Day Parade. Depending on who is in your household, you’re probably flipping between both. That means you need to keep your mind and fingers nimble, but the rest of your body can relax. Keep your fingers at the ready with Racefuel. This cross between OG Kush and Face Off OG is a well-balanced strain that will leave you relaxed and happy on the couch, but not unable to get off of it when you’re called to the table. 

The Best Strain to Pair With Turkey: Peanut Butter Souffle

You need some good tasting bud to pair with your meal. You just spent hours in the kitchen, or somebody did. You don’t want some foul flower to wash away the delicious taste of turkey in your mouth. So what’s a mouthwatering strain that will also kick your munchies into high gear? Peanut Butter Souffle. These nutty nugs are perfect to pair with a large meal. The high kicks off with a mood boost, followed by roaring hunger and then finally settles into a buzzy, sedative body lull. It’s exactly what you need to get you through a full plate of Thanksgiving Day carbs. 

The Best Strain to Pair with Pumpkin Pie: Lava Cake

Lava Cake could be dessert itself but you definitely don’t want to skip the pumpkin pie. This chocolatey, nutty strain will taste great with your dessert but will also give you one final euphoric boost to finish the meal before it hits you with a calming relaxation. It’s full of myrcene so it’s more on the sedative side but you’ll be able to lick your plate clean of crumbs before you get too sleepy. 

The Best Strain for Your After-Dinner Nap: GMO

If the tryptophan isn’t enough to make you sleepy, GMO will definitely help. Your belly is sated so let the rest of your body and mind catch up. One hit of GMO and you will feel an unmatched sense of calm and relaxation wash over you. It won’t be hard to fall asleep and you’ll soon be pleasantly dreaming of sugared cranberries and talking turkeys. 

The Best Strain for Post Nap Video Games and Leftovers: Biscotti

After you wake from your post dinner nap, you’re ready for more turkey, and for more cannabis. Your awkward cousin is still around so make yourself a sandwich, light up some Biscotti and settle in for a round of video games with them. You need a strain that will awaken your senses and your social side once again. High in limonene, Biscotti is just the strain. It will give you the giggles so maybe choose Mario Kart instead of Mortal Kombat. PS, Dolato is also a good choice for video games. 

Happy Danksgiving Everyone! May your table be full of turkey and your bowl full of bud! 


Image via Toking Times.

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