Bloom & Oil – How to Smoke Weed Discreetly Around Your Family

“If your family doesn’t share your enthusiasm for a little herbal indulgence, fighting the urge to smoke cannabis may prove difficult during holidays and other gatherings. Even if cannabis is legal where you are, it doesn’t mean your family has accepted it.

So, what’s a cannabis user to do when they have to spend long periods of time with their loved ones who are not so cannabis-friendly? We have compiled some useful tips and scent-free options to help you smoke weed discreetly around family while avoiding potential conflict and looks of dismay.

Scent-Free Options

The most obvious way to use cannabis discreetly is to go the scent-free route. There are low-odor strains available, but proceed with caution as the smell will still linger on the body and clothing. Consuming cannabis orally or applying it topically to the skin is the safest bet to kick the weed smell. If you’re picturing taking a bite out of a nugget or rubbing sticky buds all over your body, that’s not quite what we mean. …”

Read the full article by Clarisa Strohmeyer at Bloom & Oil.


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