Bloom & Oil – California Plan to Recognize Cannabis Appellations Moves Forward

California is poised to be the first in the world to recognize the terroir of commercially-grown individual cannabis strains.

If you know enough snooty people, odds are decent that at some point, at least one of them has offered to correct your understanding of what constitutes champagne.

For those who’ve successfully avoided the scolding, the crux of the matter lies in the understanding that Champagne is a region of France, which thus makes only grapes grown and harvested from that specific area eligible to be classified as an official champagne. The rest, so it’s said, is but sparkling white wine.

Areas like Champagne are what’s known in the wine industry as appellations. Now, as Marcus Crowder of the San Francisco Chronicle reports, a similar system could be making its debut in California next year.

“California’s cannabis industry may soon have legally recognized geographic areas as highly regarded as those of the wine industry,” Crowder writes. “Just as Sonoma’s Russian River Valley is known for Pinot Noir and Napa’s Oakville for Cabernet Sauvignon, Northern California sub-regions like Salmon Creek, Comptche and Ukiah Valley could each become world-renowned for their signature strains of cannabis.”

The creation of such a program has long been a desire for California cultivators who feel that, like grapes, sun-grown cannabis can take on qualities unique to the area in which it is grown.

Crowder contrasts the difference in climate between “a foggy hillside on the North Coast” and “an arid plain in the Central Valley” as a way of highlighting the value in validating and celebrating the distinct local properties that influence the terroir of a cannabis strain. …”

Read the full article by Zack Ruskin at Bloom & Oil

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