Australian Researchers Examine Cannabis As Treatment For Dementia

One of the biggest problems facing the cannabis industry is a lack of medical research. The funding for these studies has been lacking, and it hasn’t been legal until recently for certain studies to be conducted. 

However, Australia will be the first to conduct a study investigating the effectiveness of cannabis on dementia patients. The study is taking place in Perth, and will examine 50 patients over a 14 month period. The participants are all over the age of 65 and suffer from dementia.

Researcher Dr. Amanda Timler says that she has high expectations for this clinical trial. She claims that because cannabis can treat a number of symptoms, it can replace a variety of drugs prescribed to treat dementia.

Some of the most common symptoms of dementia include agitation, aggression, and psychotic symptoms. The hope for this study is that cannabis will not just help with these symptoms, but also increase appetite.

With nearly 50 million cases of dementia worldwide, the implications of this study are enormous. That’s why one participant, who was previously against the use of cannabis, is going to participate. She said that if she can be apart of something that helps people like her down the line, she is all for it. 

This is not the first time in recent memory that the country was in the news for cannabis. Australia made headlines in September when Canberra, the capital of Australia, legalized recreational cannabis.


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