Elyon Cannabis provides affordable, high-quality organic sun-grown cannabis from California’s Sonoma County to consumers across California.

Our farms are nestled in the vast vineyards of Sonoma County where we grow our cannabis in greenhouses, complimented by the wonderful California sunshine. Hand- grown in enriched soil, Elyon’s cannabis is fed with organic OMRI Certified nutrients, and cultivated with eco-friendly growing techniques that keep natural resource conservation top of mind. Elyon Cannabis’ plants are harvested at the peak of freshness before being slowly cured.

First emerging into the market by providing affordable eights and 1.25-gram pre-rolled joints, Elyon Cannabis has now expanded into offering high-quality concentrates and vaporizer cartridges.

Our distribution and sales team, located at our offices in Santa Rosa, works with distributors and dispensaries to ensure our products get onto the shelves of storefronts around the state.

At Elyon Cannabis, optimal, pristine growing conditions, decades of cultivation experience, a tight-nit team, and keeping the customer experience top of mind helps us grow the most flavorful and potent cannabis available on the legal market.